Make Your Virtual Shows Memorable With Virtual Magician Rajesh Kumar

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world of live events to a standstill. Various events from corporate to weddings and concerts to exhibitions had to be cancelled or postponed due to lockdown. The event industry was losing all hope and on the verge of a severe breakdown. But as they say, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Soon the scenario of live events drifted into the digital world, and virtual events became the new norm.

Understanding the need of the hour, Magician Rajesh Kumar pounced upon the opportunity and entered the virtual world with his unique magic skills. Born in Ludhiana, Rajesh Kumar shifted his base to Mumbai, making him India’s most famous celebrity Magician / Illusionist / Mentalist. Rajesh Kumar came into the limelight with his appearance in “India’s Magic Star” for Star One. But it was his incredible performance on the TV show “India’s Got Talent Season 6” that gave him fame. And then there was no turning back for Rajesh Kumar as he became a well-known event performer in the industry. Having performed magic and mentalism shows all over India, Rajesh Kumar has taken his magic worldwide to the USA, UAE, Hong Kong, Thailand, Fiji, Bahrain etc.

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He loves using technology to perform extraordinary and fascinating tech magic, which leaves the audience in shock.

 During the lockdown, Rajesh Kumar started performing for virtual events with the only focus being to entertain people and bring a smile to their faces during the tough times. Whether corporate or private events, Rajesh Kumar makes sure his virtual magic has the same connection with the audiences as with live events. Rajesh Kumar loves to interact with his audience by involving them as a part of his magic acts. The beauty of corporate magician Rajesh Kumar’s interactive virtual magic is that it’s an opportunity for the virtual audiences to connect and witness amazing visual magic and illusion. The most important thing about Rajesh Kumar’s virtual show is that the organiser doesn’t need to pay an extra amount for his travel and stay since everything is performed virtually. This not only saves the client’s cost, but they also get to witness authentic experiences like that of live events with a minimum budget.

Rajesh Kumar specially customises his acts according to the client’s requirements. Audiences get blown away when Rajesh Kumar performs mind-reading and are left with curiosity about how he reads minds that too virtually! The audience is corporate, family or even kids; Rajesh Kumar makes sure everyone is involved and connected as a team.

One fascinating thing about Rajesh Kumar’s virtual magic show is that you can see your friends, colleagues, and family reacting to the magic acts as you are watching him perform. Rajesh Kumar asks anyone from the audience to think of a number in mind, and he will guess the exact number that the participant thought of. Rajesh also performs fantastic card tricks and sleight of hand magic that is unique and visually appealing. The virtual show has a good mixture of different magic and illusion acts, mind-reading, iPad magic and much more. Magician Rajesh Kumar interacts with participants, making sure they are always on their toes and thoroughly entertained.

Organisers can be assured that their clients, employees, friends and family are transported to a different world where they will be captivated by the virtual interactive magic by Rajesh Kumar. Audience engagement, adding humour in acts, deception tricks used in a skilled manner is all you get to witness when you hire Rajesh Kumar for your virtual events. Having performed for hundreds of virtual events, seasoned event planners seeking interactive online entertainment already know that Magician Rajesh Kumar offers a professional service for virtual events. In the past few months, Rajesh Kumar has performed events for various brands and top companies. His clients include big firms such as Tata, Datsun, LG, Mercedes Benz, Reliance, Bajaj Allianz, Pizza Hut, Kotak Mahindra, HDFC, Mubea and social media platforms like Vigo, Glance Screen etc.


As an audience, you get to experience a visual delight with Rajesh Kumar’s virtual magic and have your heads scratched after your minds have been read accurately. All of this can be enjoyed by sitting in front of the screen in the comfort of your home. So if you want to make your corporate seminars more engaging and fun or organise a private event for family and friends, your search ends right here. Hire India’s well-known magician and illusionist, Rajesh Kumar, to get yourself entertained and witness extraordinary things like never before. 

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