Makeup Artistry By Misha

A Beauty Content Creator and a Makeup Artist, Misha is based in Chandigarh and internationally certified from Singapore. Misha’s journey started in the year 2018 as a beauty enthusiast who had a love for makeup and beauty. This led her to be a makeup artist eventually. Since then, she has done different kinds of makeups, including bridal to party to photoshoot makeups and is also currently working as a beauty influencer with many reputed beauty brands.

Since a child, Misha has always been driven to everything related to beauty. She was one of those kids who always played around with makeup and tried to figure things out. It was something that came naturally to her. In every Indian household, a little girl always looks up to her mother for everything. The same happened to her. While growing up, she was always inspired by her mother’s love for cosmetics and her makeup skills. She would stand nearby and watch her mother get ready every day. She got a lot of inspiration from her. Later on, watching her two elder sisters intrigued her even more to explore this field, eventually leading her to be a Makeup Artist. 

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In Misha’s personal opinion, beauty comes from within. It’s the creativity that speaks and it can take you places you would never think of. For her, makeup is an art. It is an expression through which you can express yourself and your creativity. One needs to understand what they truly believe in and what comes from the heart. For her, makeup and beauty is something that she is most passionate about. 

As she started working as a Professional Makeup Artist, the pandemic hit and life came to a standstill. Still, with her hard work, determination and her love for makeup, she established herself as a full-time content creator during the pandemic. She would create makeup looks in her free time during the pandemic and would showcase them on Instagram. Eventually, she started getting great responses from the brands and the audience. For her, make-up is therapeutic, and she enjoys creating so many different make-up looks every day. She’s always been artistic by nature and has loved doing makeup on herself and others since she was a child.

In her words, it takes a lot of hard work, persistence, practice and patience, but in the end, it is all worth it. One needs to keep growing and expanding their horizons. She has worked on several clients till now and plans on increasing her dream of being a part of the beauty industry even further. She’s been working on various exciting projects lately, which the audience will soon see as well. Currently, she is working as a Freelance Makeup Artist. She has worked for Brands such as Pooja Sarees, Amarsons, PP Jewellers and a full-time content creator, and also works for beauty brands such as Lakme, Colorbar, Sugar Cosmetics, Kiro Beauty, Belora Cosmetics, NYBae, Purplle, Wet n Wild etc. and is currently working on many more. She’s one of the upcoming makeup artist and beauty influencers you can look up to for all things beauty.

So feel free to contact her for all your beauty needs. You can contact her directly on her Instagram, Makeupartistrybymisha