Making strides in the Information Technology space enter entrepreneur, Vu Chung

Vu Chung garners massive headlines for his business ventures and apps Vidinsta and Tikk.

It is so surreal to notice how things have changed for the better across varied sectors around the world. These positive changes could become possible because of several factors.

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One of the most important factors, besides the latest tech trends and tech advents, is the relentless drive, commitment, and passion of a few professionals and entrepreneurs, who make sure to pave their own path to growth and success and lead toward becoming inspirational figures for the rest of the world, especially the younger brigade.

It is essential to put more light on the journeys and successes of these entrepreneurs, who leave no stone unturned in doing and being their best version through their brands and businesses, just like entrepreneur Vu Chung did in the Information Technology space.

Vu Chung is one of these young business owners of the modern-day business world who has stunned people with his business ventures and apps, namely Vidinsta and Tikk. The former has become one of the top choices for people today as an Instagram video download app, and the latter is through which people can download TikTok video.

Businessman Vu Chung is glad and proud of how well both these brands have been doing in the IT space, for they have paved the way for better growth and development of social media platforms Instagram and TikTok. The 1990-born created these applications after noticing a gap in the social media space. He founded Vidinsta in 2015, made for Instagram users. It is an Instagram video download app through which people can download Instagram videos and pictures.

Since Instagram doesn’t have any such downloading feature, he decided to incept an app which can do that hassle-free. It helps people download as many pictures, Instagram stories and videos as they want. The same feature is with Tikk, where people can download videos quickly using the app on their devices.

About the Entrepreneur

Vu Chung was born in Ha Long City, Vietnam and completed his high school in Nguyen Binh Khiem and college in Phan Chu Trinh. Today as a 32-year-old, he has stepped a firm foot of his in the world of IT through his much-talked-about apps that have been doing exceedingly well in the industry.