Manasi is up to doing something great!

Curiosity, eagerness to kill monotony, and enthusiasm of always trying something new have given rise to a new hobby, passion, and profession for this corporate lawyer, Marathoner, model, and Mrs. DelhiNCR 2020 Best Makeover Ravishing Subtitle Winner, Manasi Pathak Verma. She has always wanted to do her best in all fields and make her mark in the industry. This same curiosity and enthusiasm led Manasi to participate in the beauty pageant conducted and organised by Glamour Gurgaon, Mrs. DelhiNCR 2020, from where the journey of bringing the best out of her through modeling began.

Manasi is an upcoming model. In collaboration and guidance of Official Model Creators, she has worked on several projects in a few months. They include eminent designer Mukesh Dubey, featuring in a lead role in a cover video song directed by Official Model Creators, an Ad campaign for Saburi Jewels, and a digital ad campaign for Velvetree Professionals produced directed Red Water Motion Reel Picturez. Apart from this, she has been a part of several other photoshoots. She believes in giving her bit to society, and her upcoming work/projects include her belief in doing so.

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Apart from love for these two professions, Manasi is also an entrepreneur and owns “The Yarn Story – Handmade with Love,” which is into handmade knit and crochet items. Manasi is also a part of the Women’s Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WICCI) and a volunteer at Robinhood Army. Her passion also lies in the running, where she makes her way to becoming a Marathoner, blogging, poetry, car rallies, and reading books, especially by Danielle Steel.

She has bagged many awards for her proficiency in the above professions and passions, including the Corporate Lawyer Award by Crazy Tales and India Inspirational Women Awards 2021, First Runner-up Amateur 2WD up to 1400cc category organised by Thar Motorsport, and some more accolades about her Marathons.

Manasi believes that, even though she has been questioned a lot for having so many tasks and challenges on her plate, she has always lived by her motto that is “Taking up Challenges and Working towards the same and giving our bit to the upliftment of the society.”

Manasi had always dreamt of making big in the world and thinks that she was equipped right from birth. She had constantly been exposed to taking responsibility and making a decision from a very young age, which she believes have been the key element behind the strength of taking calls towards following her passion, be it towards a law or being an entrepreneur or being a model, a social influencer, etc.

Manasi has believed that every age one should be young at heart. One should look forward to doing well for society as a whole and challenge themselves with something new at all times. Manasi believes that India is now in the phase where people have stopped believing in the idea of being settled. Setting up a new target in life and trying something different always is a new thought and a new chant.

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