Mann government’s honest policies bear fruits; Rs.3.22 crore to be earned from Ludhiana bus stand in six months: Laljit Singh Bhullar

Bus stand bathrooms fetched doubled amount to the tune of Rs.3.95 lakh per month against the reserved price of Rs.2 lakh

Rs.38.51 lakh per month will be earned from the Bus Stand fee

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Chandigarh, December 21: Chief Minister S. Bhagwant Mann’s honest and transparent governance model is steering the Punjab Transport Department on the path of progress. Ludhiana bus stand, has fetched an amount of Rs.3.22 crore for the next six months in a auction conducted recently.

Giving more information, Transport Minister Laljit Singh Bhullar said, new vistas of income are opening for the transport department with the honest policies of Mann government, adding that  parking, an auction has been conducted of bathrooms, advertisement sites and bus stand fee collection at Ludhiana bus stand.  Now, the Punjab Roadways/Punbus will earn over Rs.2.31 crore from bus stand fee collection at the rate of Rs.38.51 lakh per month. Similarly, the bid for parking increased by Rs.70,000 and it will fetch Rs.7.20 lakh per month, from which the department will get Rs.43.20 lakh during next six months.

Mr. Bhullar said that the department will get double revenue from the bathrooms in the bus stand as these public utilities were taken by the bidder at the double price of Rs.3.95 lakh per month as compared to the previous year price of Rs.2.01 lakh per month. The department will get revenue of Rs.23.70 lakh.

The Transport Minister said that the contract for advertising inside the bus stand premises has increased to Rs.3.05 lakh per month. As many as 43 sites of 13,327 square feet for advertisement inside the bus stand will attract Rs.18.30 lakh during next six months.

The Minister informed that the shops and SCF of the bus stand were closed for the past several years. This time, two shops at the bus stand have been given on the rent at the rate of Rs.42,750 each per month, from where the department will receive Rs.5.13 lakh in next six months. Similarly, three SCF will attract Rs.5,000 each per month rent and state exchequer will receive Rs.90,000 from these SCFs.

Meanwhile, the Transport Minister directed the officials of the department to take immediate action for the re-bidding of the remaining shops so that the people can get the benefit of it and the revenue of the department could be increased accordingly.