Mayaa SH Addresses Intersection of Feminist Economics, Behavioral Economics, and Women’s Health Rights

What is the main highlight of Feminist Economics ?

Feminist economics has developed a rich critique of the standard behavioral assumptions in mainstream economics. Feminist economics and behavioral economics both reject the assumption that economic agency is fully driven by Rational Economic Man. In more candid perspective ,feminist economics factors on more realistic approach, highlighting on all activities  that that currently fall outside of the mainstream economic sphere, but that without which the economy would not be able to run. Hence, it is concerned with all of the things that human beings need to survive and flourish, but particularly with the provision of care of and unpaid domestic labor, sometimes referred to as “social provisioning”. It asserts that gender relations are a structural characteristic of any economy because changes to the economy can affect gender relations and vice versa.

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How is Women’s Health related to Behavioral Economics  ?

Behavioral economics examines why individuals make decisions that potentially compromise their own future wellbeing and the welfare of others. It is a field of research that incorporates psychological insights to examine systematic behavioral biases in decision-making. Higher levels of education are also associated with smaller desired family size and increased sensitivity to the cost of children, greater knowledge of contraception, and improved intra-household communication. Girls’ secondary education is associated with higher age at marriage, lower mortality rates, and access to better maternal care. Women’s autonomy also plays a role in access to services. Few women in developing economies and rural areas report that they participate in decisions about their own health care, major household purchases, and visits to their family .Employment plays a role in this: income-earning women typically hold greater bargaining power over household resources . For example, in India, women are more likely to use a modern method of contraception if they independently make decisions on spending. Women with strong decision-making power are also twice as likely to deliver at a health facility. Social norms can act directly on individuals’ decision-making, they can also act indirectly. Social norms can affect individuals’ behaviors without any threat of consequence for violating them, but rather just an inclination to behave in the way one perceives to be “normal.”

What is the meaning of “The Rights of Women to Equality, Dignity, and Respect for Private Life without discrimination with respect to heathcare perspective ” ?

The right to equality in the highest available standard of healthcare and the right to non discrimination in access to health care services, including those related to sexual and reproductive health and family planning. The decision as to whether to continue a pregnancy or terminate it, is fundamentally and primarily the woman’s decision, as it may shape her whole future personal life as well as family life and has a crucial impact on women’s enjoyment of other human rights. According to CEDAW , “Prioritizing the prevention of unwanted pregnancy through family planning and sex education and reduce maternal mortality rates through safe motherhood services and prenatal assistance has been laid emphasis on. When possible, criminalizing and illegalizing abortion should also be amended in exceptional cases, in order to withdraw punitive measures imposed on women who undergo abortion”. Respecting, protecting and fulfilling the human rights of persons with disabilities, the approach chosen to avoid any type of stigmatization should not be detrimental to women’s autonomy and decisions over their own body and a woman’s human right to choose whether or not to continue her pregnancy.

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