Meet Activist Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia: The Man who is on a mission to eliminate killings in the name of witch

Witch-hunting is a wrong word because there is no witch in the world – Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia.

Killings in the name of witch is a flagrant activity for society. However, it has evolved since the year 1792. Due to lack of evidence before that, no such record of killings in the name of witch has been documented. In modern India, many people lost their lives due to killings in the name of a witch. 

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Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia, a well-known Indian Human Rights Social Activist and Peace worker from Assam, has been on a mission for the last 21 years to eliminate all sorts of social evils from planet earth through quality knowledge-based, life-oriented education. 

Having extensive experience of 21 years working on prominent to ground zero level social work across India over various issues, he mainly works in anti-superstition, anti-terrorism, and anti-drugs to re-establish peace and humanity. 

Despite the country marching ahead in the 21st century, he feels that still a large segment of our people are in the clutches of superstitious practices and other social evils. Many crimes stem from such malpractices. Administrative machinery along with Law and order is needed to reform the social evils and eliminate them. With that, simultaneous ground zero to prominent social work and social awareness is most important for a better society. 

In such circumstances, effective awareness drives can majorly promote scientific temperament and rational thinking among the masses. He is one such activist who has led countless such awareness drives in the far-flung rural pockets of India. 

In 1974 at Bastar Village, Chhattisgarh, four people were branded as witches, and locals harassed them. Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia got to know about this particular incident in 2016 from a local person in Delhi. He immediately rushed to that specific location and gathered the locals and the victim’s family with the help of the local administration. The family of 4 had become a family of 48 people in 42 years. Dr Saikia’s intense counselling gave justice to that family, and finally, they were accepted by the locals of that village. 

From 2013 to 2015, many killing and torture cases in the name of ‘witch’ arose in the largest river island, Majuli. There was a village called “Sikari Gaon,” and in September 2013, almost 30 people were branded as witches. Dr Saikia struggled almost a month to remove the branding from their head, and after that, he respectfully rehabilitated them. 

Whether witch-hunting or any other communal clashes or mob lynching, he always handles those sophisticated issues on humanitarian grounds. He never judges those people by their religion, by their cast, by their colour. Dr Saikia believes that everyone is same and all should have equal rights. 

For nearly the past two decades, he rescued about 150 witch victims and relentlessly raised his voice against superstition. He has helped to save many victims of superstitions and communal violence with the help of the state police. He also assisted in their rehabilitation. Peace worker Dr Saikia was also vocal about bringing in the necessary policy reforms.

Indian Peace Worker, Activist Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia’s noted work has been published in many national and international media organizations such as Al Jazeera, Time Magazine, USA Today, Global Post, etc. 

“The Assam Witch Hunting Prohibition, Prevention & Protection Act 2015” is finally established for his hard work and commitment to eliminate any social evil from society. It gives justice to many such victims. He still keeps helping the victims to re-establish and restart a new chapter in their life.

Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia is concerned for those who practice witchcraft, drug paddling, and those who do wrong to society. 

India’s most dedicated peace worker Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia is a prestigious member of the World Parliament Association. As an international Member, he pursues with different people of the countries and ethnic groups to maintain communal harmony and brotherhood between various communities of Assam and within the country.

For his contribution to society, he has been recognized nationally and internationally. Till date, he has received more than 97 such awards and recognitions. 

They are; Babu Jagjivanram Rastiya Smiriti Sanman, Maulana Azad Notional Award, Gandhi Peace Ambassador International Award, Nelson Mandela International Award, Bharat Ratna APJ Abdul Kalam Rastra Ratna Award, Rajib Gandhi Excellence Award, Tilka Majhi Rashtriya Samman, Leadify India Leadership youth Icon of the year awards 2021, Paramveer Chakra Abdul Hamid Corona Yodha Award, Special Honour form World Genius Records from Nigeria.

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