Meet Deepak Singh, whose Ideas are Changing the ERP and POS World and Its implementation way

Every day in the world technology is changing; innovations are coming every day, and every day there is something new happens. To make sure that your business is in sync with the technology and has the right technology Saturo Technologies is your buddy.

Saturo Technologies is one of India’s oldest and one of the biggest Oracle NetSuite ERP Solution Provider. It has helped hundreds of businesses grow and is a leading service provider in Oracle NetSuite ERP and BillMade POS.

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Saturo Technologies was founded by Deepak Singh, a computer engineer by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. He started his journey in 2006 when he started his first job in field sales because his family was going through financial crises; over the years, he learned a lot of things starting from networking and communicating. These skills have always paid well to him and have played an essential role in becoming what he is today. Though he always wanted to do something different, and because of his visionary mind, he kick started something that no one thought was possible once.

In the October 2013, Deepak decided to quit his job and in the January 2014 started his own company Saturo Technologies. It was a company that Deepak had started with all his hard work, and it was also his dream company as the company provided all kind of Oracle NetSuite ERP and POS solutions under one roof. It offers various facilities such as Oracle NetSuite license consulting and implementation, NetSuite Support and Service, NetSuite training, NetSuite Suite Commerce development, BillMade POS for NetSuite.

Various organizations have opted for Saturo Technologies services for Oracle NetSuite ERP and enjoy hassle-free, smooth implementation for their businesses.

In the years of his working, Deepak has implemented in more than 100 companies, and they have clients not just in India but abroad as well. Saturo also did the most significant Oracle NetSuite data migration for a renowned global company. This was NetSuite to NetSuite data migration for almost 1 million transaction lines. Saturo did it successfully within record time of 45 days.

Saturo has done one of the biggest NetSuite implementation for a group of 24 subsidiaries based in India and Gulf countries. The company has always worked on getting maximum satisfaction from clients. It is their clients who motivate Deepak and his team to work hard and get better

His clientele includes established companies like Hitachi Sunway, Cupola, BBG Group and various other firms. Many of them have become repeat clients of Saturo because of its premium quality at affordable prices. The experienced and professional team of individuals here is always ready to assist and supervise you, ensuring you get the best.

They are also known for its billing software BillMade POS for NetSuite which was launched in 2017. During its launch, it made quite the buzz around the businesses and has been a successful venture as it has allowed businesses to be much more sorted and straightforward and reduce their work. BillMade POS is being used by clients from India, UAE, KSA, Nigeria, Kenya and other countries.

Deepak says, “We love challenges, it is like they make us grow stronger and make us tough.” “We love to solve their business challenges and provide them futuristic solutions for their growth.” Saturo is looking forward to expanding and becoming a full fledge IT company soon enough. They aim to grow their revenue by two times for 10 consecutive years and become one of the best solution providers.