Meet Mayank Kumar, the Founder of Trade In Domains Helping Businesses Grow Digitally!

Mayank Kumar is the Founder of Trade In Domains – Digital Marketing Agency helping businesses to build their digital presence. He is partnered with two of his Co-Founders Aman Saxena (Business Development Operations) & Harsh Prajapati (Creative Operations). Trade In Domains is on a mission to empower businesses with digital platforms and marketing tools to leverage this digital revolution.

Mayank Kumar had never planned on becoming an entrepreneur, but now, he couldn’t imagine doing anything else apart from building businesses. Driven with a passion for learning and a burning desire to make a name for himself, Mayank Kumar is also working as an Analytics Consultant helping professionals be productive at their workplace with the help of tools like MS Excel, Google Workspace, etc.

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Mayank Kumar is a hard-working soul born to the most stunning parents. Also, he aims to become one of the top business builders of India in the next five years.

Mayank Kumar pursued his Post Graduation Degree at the National Institute of Construction Management And Research, Pune. As Mayank Kumar started his career in his teenage years and was curious to keep himself updated to changing times, he has earned experience across versatile domains besides Analytics and Digital Marketing.

Mayank Kumar possesses a strong understanding of analytics, marketing, branding, consulting. With every passing day, he has professionally nurtured various reputed organisations and learned how to tackle customer handling, branding, and working with teams and designed strategies from every experience to create a position for himself. His clients rely upon and trust him. Before he started as an entrepreneur, Mayank Kumar occupied essential positions of Performance Analyst at CleanMax Enviro Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Besides being a Founder of Trade In Domains – Digital Marketing Agency, Mayank Kumar is a perfect communicator and resourceful and analytical. With these innate qualities, he stands out strong as an Analytics Consultant to small business owners and professionals to help be productive at their daily operations.

Apart from this, he also has a strong knack for weaving magic through his words. He has a team of professional experts, including social media experts, graphic designers, SEO specialists, and content writers. Together they support him in the journey of becoming a business builder.

Trade In Domains is now a result-driven Digital Marketing Agency that provides end-to-end digital marketing solutions at very affordable prices with an outstanding return on investment (ROI) rate. Trade In Domains is built on (SEARCH) Simplicity, Endurance, Accessibility, Result Oriented, Creativity, Honour and specialised in services such as branding, web development, and digital marketing. He works holistically to offer her clients complete digital assistance to transform their business from scratch to success. They work with diverse client portfolio and doesn’t see any challenge as a limit.

When Mayank Kumar started meeting business owners, the real challenge was gaining their trust. Being young and telling older business owners how to run their businesses more effectively was not typical for most people. However, he continued to be humble and showed gratitude while initially offering his services at one-tenth of the cost. Soon, he started gaining the trust of the clients. 

He was also called as a chief guest at a photography event at TMIMT, Moradabad. Also, He delivered a guest lecture on the topic “Building an innovation/product fit for the market” at TMU, Moradabad.”

Mayank Kumar says: “Trust and gratitude are the core mantras to get success in your entrepreneurial journey.”   

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