Meet Nayamat Handa India’s one of the finest Content Creator & Social Media Influencer

Nayamat Handa is a big name as far as being a content creator or influencer things are concerned. She is a social media influencer and a known Content Creator. However, of late she has culminated all her talents to embark upon the budding artists and content-driven stuff to the digital audience.

On one hand, there is a long queue of content creators on social media while on the other hand, gaining a foothold on social media with better content is no less than hard work. Success has nothing identified with age. Today we see such countless fruitful youngsters flourishing in different fields with their ability. We live during a time when gutsy and skilled personalities displayed increasingly more ability in various fields.

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Nayamat Handa, who began her profession at an early age, has been enormous love from her fans and loved one’s. Subsequent to building a solid fanbase of more than 700K Followers on Instagram. She is an internet sensation who has rocked social media platforms with her entertaining videos and fashion trends. She started her journey on the platform Instagram. Instagram has opened an opportunity for various digital creators to come and display their talent and what better than seeing a young Girl inspiring millions of people through her content?

Counting on success and achievements we often tend to neglect the struggle behind it. Nayamat Handa is no exception and she has also like a normal human tasted several failures during her journey. But, her never give up attitude and her belief to take little strides to reach the ultimate, made all the difference. With regular videos coming up on Nayamat’s Instagram Handle, she has brushed up her acting skills very well. This has helped her bag various big projects in the industry.


Outfit- Glitz & Glamour by Anchal & Shivani (Rajouri Garden)

Hair, Makeup & Nails- Affinity express, Rohini

Photographer- Akshay Bhardwaj (Instagram- @akshaybhardwajphotography).