Meet Sanoop Santhosh, AKA Sanu Swag – A New Age Entrepreneur And Digital Creator Who Has Revolutionized The Entrepreneurial Industry

Moment Sanu Swag proudly stands altitudinous as a stalwart in different diligence as he has efficiently ventured into a couple of agencies. His gambles like Namasthe Yachts Dubai, Sanu Swag Digital Garage and Swag Media results have end up main names of their

separate diligence.

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Sanoop Santhosh aka Sanu Swag was born in Kannur and brought up in Kochi. He usually centred on being Street Smart in place of simply cramming books. Now Sanu Swag has started a Prime Homestay in Wayanad. Sanu Swag specialised in hosting luxury yacht parties and corporate events for MNCs and VIPs. His boats are always preferred by the client and having a clientele of over 1300 happy and satisfied clients is a testimony of the results of the hard work and dedication by the young man.