Meet the best motivational speaker and business coach to help you grow tremendously-Dr Suresh Mansharamani

We meet many motivational speakers, but only a few are indeed inspiring and their words are life changing mantras.

“It isn’t over until I win and everybody around me wins.”- Dr Suresh Mansharamani, a 64-year young motivational speaker has made a revolutionary identity in the country.  His highs and lows were never any sign of discouragement, rather the challenges which he never gave up irrespective of the numerous tornados that tried to tear him down. Dr Mansharamani defeated all such hindrances on his way and became the charismatic personality he is today.

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The journey of Dr Suresh Mansharamani

Dr Mansharamani -OKR Coach, Business Coach, Presidential Awardee, Awarded Best Sales coach of The Year, Author of 7 Books, 3 Times TEDx Speaker, Co-Founder Tajurba, Entrepreneur, First Company IPO 1995, Mentor and  Angel Investor. Unlike many other motivational speakers has not been in this arena for many years yet he has imprinted his mark as the best motivational speaker in the industry today. Many individuals become motivational speakers without realizing the in-depth cores of life and its struggles. The reason simply is that they ever experienced all of that themselves. They share snippets from others’ experiences to commercialise their sessions or gain followers. That is an unfortunate scenario sadly.

Dr Mansharamani stands out uniquely in the arena, inspiring thousands of individuals to realize the best of their potential. He gives out practical solutions to all and shares life experiences that he faced and turned the tables thereon. He is an inspiration and loved by many in the corporate sector right from the CEO to the young entrepreneurs. Everyone who has ever attended his sessions knows well that Dr Mansharamani is a man of gold who aims to make every individual around him grow and not just within his ambit but also beyond as far as he can reach out.

His journey did not begin from a spoon of gold. He was born in a refugee camp in Maharashtra so that in itself describes the humility the man holds within himself. His professional career began with a minor job that just allowed him to have Rs300 in hand. But that did not discourage him and he ensured to transform this Rs 300 into 300 times oversubscribed IPO in 1995. Thereafter his company got listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange, followed by a Presidential Award, and now a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Business Coach, OKR Coach, and Author of 7 Books.

Many would find it difficult to believe that at one point in time Dr Mansharamani couldn’t speak or even write English. But language is just a medium and an obstacle he quite staunchly surpassed. He had no significant education, no capital, no mentor, and no excuse either. He only had his zeal, passion, hard work and a touch of craziness which led him to become a self-made multi-millionaire at the age of 38. His Biggest Failure came in the year 2006 when he started the online DVD rental business It created lots of hype and media coverage, but it failed miserably. He lost crores in the same. But Dr Mansharamani saw it as a meagre loss only to put his best foot forward this time and worked even harder with a bold and fierce attitude to the “Never Quit” slogan. This motivated him back then and he still instils the same courage with this quote in his fellow students.

The Rise of His Business Coaching

He makes sure to not make people believe the utopian and suggests that his most significant learning from this failure was that “sometimes quitting is a smart option.” It depends upon the perspective through which one goes through this process of leaving one lost and moving forward to many more accomplishments.  Dr Mansharamani believes that success comes from Tajurba that simply denotes experience and this experiential learning comes only from a bad one. Thereafter he established the Tajurba Business Network in 2017 with a vision to connect 10 million MSMEs in India with the Tajurba Platform. He is a Business Coach and OKR expert based in Gurgaon, India.

Dr Mansharamani and his coaching saga to empower –

Dr Mansharamani is completely into empowering young minds and businesses to outgrow themselves and showcase the best possible versions of themselves. He quotes- He helps individuals and businesses achieve their Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) in 90 days using OKR systems. No Gyan Only Execution & Achieve Massive Results in just 90 Days.  His Coaching venture called TAJURBA -a Networking Platform under his adept, well-versed, and seasoned leadership, which comes under the oriented label Tajurba known for pragmatic lessons

Dr Mansharamani has cultivated his magnetism over thousands of enthusiastic, aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners with his far-reaching and well-proven method of increasing their revenue and quality of life.  His vision for the next 5 to 7 years is to make India a superpower, a country full of vibrant entrepreneurs, and a community of 1 crore entrepreneurs under his new venture Tajurba where they can access the necessary funding, skills, mentoring, community commerce, and everything else needed to start and grow a business. Now he aspires to hit the target – to replicate such entrepreneurs under his new enterprise Tajurba and who share his traits and ambition to be able to walk in his footsteps or perhaps create new ones to attain the highest heights imaginable. Even became recipients of the President’s Award

All in all, it can be said that there will always be a shortage of words to describe this personality. His aura can only be felt and the amount of motivation and positivity he instils in individuals who approach him. Dr Mansharamani is recognized as the best motivational speaker in the nation today.

His testimonials speak volumes about the impact he has made in the lives professional and personal of numerous individuals many of whom have already climbed the ladder of faith and positioned themselves at the top of their respective fields. To testify the same reach out to this marvelous personality via the following links

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