Meet the young Influencer and youth icon of Jhansi : Arwaz Khan

The universe buries beautiful jewels deep within us all and then stands back to see if we can find them. Arwaz Khan is amongst those rare personalities who has found many jewels(talents) within him at a very young age when youngsters are usually engaged with their academics only.

Arwaz Khan was born on 31 October, 1998. Arwaz has worked hard to polish his skills and became a recognised social media influencer and a model. As a result he received offers for promotions of products of recognised brands. He has also worked with many celebrities.

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As long as I can remember, since the age of 17, I always had this longing to work for something that holds a greater good, so that I can provide aid to others around me, and to as many people, possible. I don’t have one single word which could entirely define my journey, but if it has to be so, I would say, my journey has been very different, from school topper to Bcom Honours Gold medallist and from University topper to fitness and fashion model.””I also won the title of best student and a cash prize of ₹10,000He mentions.

Meet the young Influencer and youth icon of Jhansi : Arwaz Khan
Arwaz Khan from Jhansi is a Young Influencer and Youth Icon

Arwaz is irresistibly charming, intelligent and multi talented person. Arwaz’s hardworking spirit, honesty, confidence, courage, sincerity and never giving up attitude makes the universe work for him. He supposes that he can serve our country in an immeasurable way. He has promoted several brands that include pharmacy giants like Dabur, and tech stars like Rapido ,Ponds and many others. “Opportunities don’t happen you create them” he says.

Arwaz khan is the top most social media influencer, fashion and fitness model. His trustworthy endorsements of products makes him different and best social media influencer. Arwaz uses the product and when it works well for him then only he promotes it and there his followers have complete faith in him.

Arwaz is a down to earth and very kind person. He loves to visit orphanages and spend time with the orphans there and also make them feel special by offering delicious food and gifts.

Arwaz says “Nothing can be achieved untill you work and earn it” He believes that it takes nothing to stand in the crowd but it takes everything to stand alone. You have to believe in yourself and carve your way to success alone as nobody else will or can do the hardwork of your part. At the time of crisis do not panic or step back but keep yourself calm and find other ways to achieve your goal. Even after a severe elbow injury Arwaz never gave upon himself and didn’t get demotivated but became even more stronger than before as his thirst for success will not be quenched untill he achieve his goals in life.

Arwaz has many more jewels within him may get to witness them soon. Arwaz khan believes to the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders. Arwaz inspires today’s generation to work hard and never give up on your dreams. To know more about Arwaz you may google him (Arwaz Khan Jhansi) or follow him on Instagram (arwazkhan_007).