Mic Drop Groove – India’s Leading DJ

Under the huge LED panels, psychedelic lasers and thundering speakers, eyes closed, arms outstretched at a music console in front of 10,000 screaming fans in a huge stadium or concert hall, stands the magician of modern music times- DJ Groovedev!

“We have seen him creating the groove,” says the fandom of none other than Multi-Talented DJ Groovedev. It is now revealed that DJ Groovdev is now in the Top DJs of 2022, being the most influential and globally known for its unbeatable energetic Groove!

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A little Amritsar boy with huge desires and plans, travelled to many other cities, exploring, musing and creating new grooves all along. His main focus is on music, whether playing or creating in his very own studio. He is bagged with a massive team of professionals who helps in accomplishing smooth operations of the company.

We are incredibly proud to have such a talented representative of our Music Industry with more than a million views on Youtube, The unstoppable albums and singles are on the hit lists of many!

From the 90s to the current initial Genz era, DJ Groovedev is the very right person to trust, if it comes to tuning in to mashups. The genre remains raw and insanely overwhelming as it never fails its crowd with its uplifting groove raising its bar higher and higher!

Some names tend to become synonymous with the genre themselves. The only name that comes to light is DJ Groovedev, A well-known name among music fanatics. His claim to Fame is

Bollywood Music, electrifying music and reviving popular Bollywood songs with his signature twist. This makes him one of the most successful music producers of all time! Follow Groovdev – https://www.instagram.com/groovedevglobal/