Model & Social Media Influencer Neha Silva wins Mrs UAE International 2023 – Gold Category | Interview

Describe about yourself .

Neha silva – Proud Title Winner of Mrs UAE International 2023 – Gold Category Organized by UAE’s Top beauty pageant brand Being Muskaan Events, A proud mother, wife, career women, Indian Dubai queen – 1st Runner Up, WonderMom best model Award winner & social media influencer  ..

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I have been in events industry for the past 10 years and now expanding my passion for fashion and modeling ..Promoting fashion brands, am also running my own social media page as a content creator.

About the event organizer?

Being Muskaan is a diverse Brand of inspiration, empowerment, and motivation founded by Meena Asrani. A well-known brand for organizing the biggest pageants of UAE: Mrs, Mr & Miss UAE International.

After working for many years in the fashion industry as an actor and model, bagging various titles like ‘Mrs India Universe Popular’ in 2018, ‘Mrs India Universe Dubai’, ‘Pageant Guru’, ‘International Groomer’, ‘Winner of the Unity Award’, ‘Best Pageant Organiser’, Meena Asrani realised that she wanted to promote confidence, leadership skills, responsibility, respectfulness, and intelligence. That’s when Being Muskaan was born.Not only pageants but they also organise Gulf Achievers to celebrate and recognise those entrepreneurs/individuals/companies who have done exceptional work in their respective fields.

She believes that those who have done hard work should get the popularity beyond boundaries. Hence, her vision is to share the inspirational stories all over the world.

Model & Social Media Influencer Neha Silva wins Mrs UAE International 2023 - Gold Category | Interview

How does it feel to be crowned as the Mrs. International UAE 2023 winner?

Well, I feel honored and on top of this world. It’s the most amazing experience any women, mother or a wife could imagine. As there is a huge reason behind my feelings and emotions.

It’s not easy to take part in a pageant where there are other beautiful women competing each other in a very positive way. It was very tough to even judge from my eyes. There is lot of hard work and courage which goes behind being part of the show. Even though all the runner up spots had been filled by contestants I had picked to win, I still didn’t believe I could be the winner – I kept looking down the line of contestants thinking, “Who Is It??” Then they announced my name and I was shocked. When the crown was put on my head I think my mouth was still hanging open, until the queen herself who was crowning me said, “Smile precious! It’s your time to shine, you deserve this!” When the flashes started going on, that’s when I realized that I had really won.

I had few happy tears and biggest smile in the pictures for sure..

This wouldn’t have been possible without the Famous queen & founder of the brand herself of Being Muskaan Events Mrs. Meena Asrani, Words are not enough to thank her for giving me this massive opportunity and support throughout the journey.

Can you tell us about your journey to winning the title and how you prepared for the competition?

Before the event:

This is going to be long ha ha .. I have heard so much about the brand name Being Muskaan and Mrs. Meena Asrani for delivering loads of successful events and so I started following them on social media (Instagram) watched all their seasons. Mainly the training & grooming sessions, How the founder empowers and motivates all the participants very gracefully. So finally I decided to take part and register myself for the upcoming season a year before the show. I was very dedicated throughout and         

Mrs. Meena was very kind in supporting me throughout my journey, answering all the questions and doubts I had in mind.

For anything you do, you need to a put a lot of effort and hard work in it. So did I. I started with my fitness trainings, my dance choreography and worked towards my skin care routine, which I never did in my life.

Model & Social Media Influencer Neha Silva wins Mrs UAE International 2023 - Gold Category | Interview

During the Training period:

There was a 3 day training & grooming sessions by so many well-known trainers which were organized by the organizers. The sessions were very encouraging and motivating for all of us for our big day. During this time, all the participants got to know each other and started networking. We had such a great time, laughing, singing and having loads of fun throughout this journey.

During the event:

All the participants were very nervous, scared and also super excited. We all helped and supported each other while practicing and getting ready. Overall, the boys and girls were all very nice to each other and everyone helped each other in the backstage. The production goes so fast that you don’t even have time to think or realize “Hey, I’m competing for Mrs. UAE International!” All I remember from being on stage is the screaming crowd and the congratulations from the other girls around me when they called my name into each phase of the competition.

I would like to highlight that everything was very transparent and fair in-terms of the jury decisions. I am very thankful to the organizers for pushing me from my comfort zone and making me realize what I am worth and what I deserve.

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

 Being a mother is not as easy as I thought it would be. Had my baby in 2021 and yes, like other mothers, I was very new to stress, pressure postpartum phase and what not. I wasn’t made aware of such a phase and I would love to talk about my journey to as many new mothers as I can. We new mothers have no clue what’s out there for us, mainly mothers who are all alone, handling everything by themselves without any help after the baby arrives. I must say throughout my journey, the one and only person who helped me come out of whatever I was going through was my husband. He supported me throughout this new phase of my life .. I am one happy and lucky wife I can say. The way he stands by me, encourages me for anything and everything I do, celebrates my happiness and takes care of the baby when I am exhausted .. I cannot thank God enough who has blessed me with my husband. Every mother should be able to have someone whom they can rely on. I want to set an example for the women I know; my child and the younger generation who will and are looking up to me and my journey.

How do you deal with failures?

Failure is an integral part of each successful journey. And it doesn’t matter whether we talk about our entire life–personal or professional, or about a short episode you had with any situation. Hopefully I have made some impact, but for sure I have had my share of failures and setbacks.

We fail, so we can learn and improve and eventually become the better versions of ourselves. I am sure anyone reading this would have gone through failure in their lives and if they are standing strong with their head high, then I believe that they are moving forward. As failure is only the way of a successful life and we all need that push.

As the Mrs. UAE International 2023 winner, what message do you want to convey to other women in the UAE?

Growing up as a girl and later as a career woman, I always felt that as a woman I was never truly recognized or appreciated for the work I did. And it’s not only me, for all the other working moms, single career women, and studying girls–I feel there is much to be celebrated and recognized for all the sweat, blood, and tears we put into the work we do.

Winning these awards and being part of the pageant is not only for me, but for all the women out there with a message to every woman that my struggle has not gone unseen or unappreciated, and neither will theirs. Never stop dreaming, only you can make your dreams come true.

I hope to get back to being a career woman, fulfil my passion for being a model, rebuild from where I stopped, and bring my best and more to an industry I love.

 As a woman, I believe, there is nothing we cannot do!

What advice would you give to mothers who aspire to pursue their passions while raising a family?

Raising a family is not easy, like I said before. It takes a lot of effort and handwork, sleepless nights and support from your partner or closed ones. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I slept the whole night with a little 2 years at home. So it’s very important to include your closed ones, family members and share your dreams, aspiration and what’s you want to achieve so they can give you the much needed support. Of course a woman can do many things alone, but still need the push from your loved ones to do anything you desire.

In my case, my husband has been my biggest support in pushing me to aspire to what I want. Every time I am in an event I see my husband holding my baby in one hand and clicking my pictures in the other hand..also My family was always there to cheer me up and feel happy about what I do.

 How do you think winning this title will enable you to make a positive impact in the community?

I will do as much as I can to promote self-love and acceptance. I think it’s important for everyone to love themselves for who they are, and to know that they are beautiful just the way they are. Just as little as getting out of their daily routine to achieve what they want. We women need a little break from our usual work at home, raising a family and a guilt free life that only a woman can understand.

Can you share with us your future plans, both in your personal life and in your role as the Mrs. UAE International 2023 winner?

My future plans in my personal life would be always to give more importance and priority to my family. As this will be my first always.

As Mrs UAE international title winner : like I mentioned before, I will do as much as I can to promote women empowerment, be a part of many other women oriented events to encourage women to get out of their small shell and follow their passion. I also want to promote the brand Being Muskaan pageant to educate all the women about the positive side to be part of this beautiful pageant as it really takes a lot of courage and confidence to walk on the ramp and show what you’re worth. No matter who you are, no matter what your age is.

The best part of this pageant compared to many others are, being Muskaan not only pushes Woman of one category of age but also focuses on all different ages, nationality to give all the women an equal chance to shine..

Special thanks : Firstly my husband & my little son, who is my biggest supporter.
My Family : Mom, my both the sisters and brother in law for always cheering me up and being there for me.

My very close friend and well-known celebrity make-up artist : Spotless Vanity to make me look beautiful on my special day.

A big shout out to the photographer Mr. Suraj for lovely clicks captured.

And not to forget Mrs. Meena Asrani once again for giving me the platform to grow and shine brighter.

Like I always say; this is not the end, it’s just the Beginning.