‘Moh’ is an Example of Growing and Experimenting in Punjabi Cinema, Package of Love and Emotions

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Just watched ‘Moh’ today and once again felt that Jagdeep Sidhu is one of the finest Directors in the Pollywood today. Jagdeep did amazing job in terms of technical and creative things. Shayris come in between the dialogues become so much relatable to the people who just experienced true love or heartbreak. Jaani’s Lyrics and B Praak’s Music and voice working as Cherry on the Cake.

Moreover, we can say “Moh” is movie which is a proof that Punjabi cinema is becoming so much experimenting with the time. Now come to the characters, Sargun Mehta was beyond expectations and impressed the audience with her ultimate dialogue delivery and screen presence as always. Gitaaj Bindrakhiya is an example that one can make his place in the industry from the very first film as well. Apart from this, Prakash Gadhu did amazing work and Amrit Amby’s work is also worth appreciation.

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In a crux we would like to say that Jagdeep Sidhu is doing in his niche and know the taste of audiences. Once again eyes were wet after watching Jagdeep Sidhu’s directorial movie. Last but the not the least, story credit goes to Shiv Tarsem Singh & Govind Singh, both of them penned such a heartfelt story with deep touch of emotions you cant even have an idea that this is their first ever story. Filmi Bytes gives 5 Stars to ‘Moh

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