Mohd Sharia Set To Make his Bollywood Debut as lead actor With ‘Tum bhi pachtaoge’, Divulges Inside details

Mohd Sharia
Mohd Sharia

Mohd Sharia is all set to make his bollywood debut as lead actor.Read on to know what he has to say about the same.

Mohd sharia who is known for mulakaatein , tere vaaste and gabru is all set to make debut as lead actor in tum bhi pachtaoge’. The story is about an ordinary boy who fall in love but can’t express his feelings.

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Talking about the project, Mohd sharia said in a statement: “This song is special at many levels. At the heart of it is the story. Not everyday you see a song that has a good mix of content with masala. That instantly made me want to do it as my Bollywood debut. The second thing was the action and the character I got to play.

The song, directed by Dinesh Sudarshan Soi

Faraz mehndi will play negative role in this song

Tum bhi pachtaoge presented by DS CREATION MUSIC’.

Appraising the quality and not the quantity of an endeavor, Mohd Sharia believes in a good association with a good team. At present he has signed six promising and aesthetic projects in Bollywood, big banner music videos in Bollywood, television commercials, showcasing her prior performance with skin care brands, toothpaste brand, etc.

Mohd sharia is a work of art. He has worked with some of the very famous actors of Bollywood including Karan mehra, Sameeksha sud and Adnan Shiekh.

Mohd sharia is a firm believer in efforts which will win you the fruitful results. “As you sow, so shall you reap” Every day brings a new enthusiasm to hustle and achieve. Being an innovative learner, it is Mohd Sharia’s belief that we get to learn something new every day. There may be times when things might seem to fall apart, but it depends on oneself, how vou vision that falling apart. Mohd sharia loves to challenge herself every day, 1 improve her glory, as it is believed “it is all in you”

Due to so many achievements at such a young age, he has garnered a large fan following worldwide. His Instagram profile has more than 15K followers and his posts are one amongst the most shared posts on the platform. He keeps his audience mesmerized with his posts where he shares content on fashion, videography and the trending topics. He often appears live on social media to interact with his fans and shares motivational tips for success.

When asked about future endeavors, entrepreneur Shari says, “There is still a long road ahead of me and you got to keep moving. Not pursuing my visions is a sign of lifelessness and that is never an option.”

He is one of the known names when it comes to emerging producers and cast directors. His unique work has made him a known face in the entertainment industry as well as the internet. Apart from his talent, the rise in his popularity is due to his unique skills and strategies which he uses to ride the digital domain. Yes, he is a creative content creator, brand strategist and social media marketer!