Mohit Mehra is very cautious about his rapper career, now another step towards the peak

Bollywood video are not as entertaining and emotional as they were before. Most of the time, modern video sound too gimmicky and have a plasticky vibe. The days when we heard real, accomplished video creator over audience whose ethereal reaction traveled effortlessly and moved our hearts, are long gone. But now the strong acting of Mohit have won the hearts of everyone by bringing back old memories.

Mohit Mehra started video creating since 22 August, 2022, he use to go for funny video and has achieved huge fan following and Mohit is the first successful video creator of Sri Ganganagar, Rajsthan.

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Mohit always made it clear that he only wanted to be himself, despite coming from a video creator background. The video creator maintains he wanted to thrive on his merits and didn’t want to use his family to further his career.

When you come from a creator-inclined family, everyone around you expects you to follow the same path and has everything prepared for you along the way. But he said that I was conscious of my desire to thrive on my own terms and not depend on my family reputation to progress my career.

He was recognized at different places.  He started making videos for funny topics, which he showed funny videos. In 2022, Instagram has retained itself among the many creators.  Through this parallel process, people came to know him not only for his topic but also for his presence and personality as an artist.

In the account of Mohit’s Instagram username @official__mr_mohit, many such videos have been put in the account of millions of views and lakhs of likes. To reach a large audience.

Mohit Mehra says that he is started photography with video creation, starting point was when he was graduating in his hometown of Rajasthan.  He was in MBA business and nothing related to photography.  He didn’t have a lot of friends there because he was surrounded in childhood, so because of a lot of inferiority complex it was reflected in his graduation as well, so he really needed a partner so he bought a camera.  Before this, he started taking photos with Galaxy in 2015.  Later he started roaming from place to place, started taking pictures of things around, started with street photography. And after that, he purchased his first camera and began posting. He received 10 to 20 likes on his initial Facebook post, which he took to heart because he had never experienced inspiration before. However, no one had ever expressed genuine appreciation for him. No one attempted to stop him from going because of their admiration for him. Simply for the adoration and motivation they had never before felt. T had a very slow rate of learning since, no matter where he studied, he detested both the school and the entire teaching approach. It truly impressed me that he still recognises my talent as a photographer. He continues to educate himself daily. Even when we mess up, art teaches us something new every day.