Move away from Political Thrillers From The West, Check Out India’s Stellar Political Thrillers

We are not a democracy filled with young voters who continue to say , “Oh I don’t like politics. It’s not for me”. Today’s young India is more politically articulate and loud about their choices be it parties, policies, or programme implementation at various levels. Despite our rising voices, it is dismal to see readers go for western choices when it comes to an exciting genre such as political thriller. Some of the books we suggest are genre-benders but have a strong political quotient that adds a good flavour to the storytelling style

This article is to give some attention to  well-researched and bestselling Indian political thriller novels.

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Chanakya’s Chant – Author: Ashwin Sanghi

Winner of the Crossword Book award, this 2010 thriller bends genres but comes up with a fabulous read that not just entertains but also educates. The story that starts in 340 B.C and shifts across time, along with the revival of the evergreen political master, Chanakya is a reader’s dream. Only this book has a ranking in this list and that rank is number one.

The New Delhi Conspiracy – Author : Meenakshi Lekhi with Krishna Kumar

Meenakshi Lekhi is a politician so that disclaimer is a must while mentioning this book. It’s not a number two in the list but definitely deserves its spot here. A scientist gets shot dead in front of New Delhi Constituency MP Vedika Khanna’s house and before he dies – he says a few words and that could be a storm brewing in New Delhi.  The book does reflect the political understanding of the author and adds significant context to the proceedings. It is an enjoyable read for the fans of this genre.

Nobody Likes An Outsider  – Author : Fawaz Jaleel

A relatively new name and thereby an Outsider, Fawaz Jaleel’s book is the latest one in this list and probably the one with the best build-up and climax. This is a political thriller on the backdrop of Bihar politics but also the first of CBI officer Yohan Tytler’s mystery series. Well-researched and with a raw and unique writing style, this book justifies its reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. A must read for thriller buffs – it’s not just political! A stellar debut and the book has struck a fine balance between politics, thriller, and mystery. Had we ranked this book in the list, it would have been controversial. Must read.

Spies, Lies, and Red Tape – Author: Amit Bagaria

Don’t mistake this list for putting a veteran like Mr Bagaria below a debutant. It’s a random order. Amit Bagaria’s book is a thriller that is set in the aftermath of 2019 Lok Sabha elections. With ample amounts of twists and turns, political terminologies, and geopolitical issues surrounding India and Pakistan, this book is an intense suspense thriller that keeps you hooked till the end. This book also fares as a must read for the fans of the genre.

Time to cheer for Indian political thriller books fans!