Mr. Dennis Tew, Mr. Manvir Mander and Mr. Harminder Dulowal’s contribution to FIF International Mortal 2022 made it a huge success

Team India’s scintillating victory on December 10, 2022, at the FIF International Mortal 2022 was celebrated in Malaysia. India returned home with 19 medals. Even though Mr. Harminder Dulowal led the Indian team, Mr. Dennis Tew, the FIF world president, and Mr. Manvir Mander, the FIF International athlete director, helped to make the event a success. Knowing what makes a good team can definitely make a difference.

In their roles as the FIF world president and FIF INTERNATIONAL athlete director, respectively, the association of Mr. Dannis Tew and Mr. Manvir Munder in the FIF International Mortal 2022 has been a pioneer in the bodybuilding sport. They put a lot of effort into long-term strategic planning, which ultimately enabled them to integrate matrix management across all operations and management. They made sure there shouldn’t be any situation during the process where the team and all the participants are left without any structure or information. FIF has supported numerous athletes over the years by holding international bodybuilding and physique championships for men and women in addition to other prestigious competitions around the globe.

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Team India led by FIF India President Harminder Dulowal has opened a new chapter in the history of bodybuilding, fitness, and sports in India by winning 19 medals in a fiercely competitive event at the FIF International Mortal 2022. This not only demonstrates the team’s talent but also their strong commitment and dedication. The headquarters of the FIF (Fitness International Federation) are in Singapore. Bodybuilding, fitness, and sports are the focus of FIF, which serves its community by providing the most recent information, updates, special events, and more. They take pride in being a social and cooperative setting where people of various cultures can meet up and communicate.