Ms. Richa Srivastava: Person who believe in being distinctive and always proved to be one in every endeavour she chooses.

Someone who believes being jack of multiple trades is more helpful rather than being master of one, Richa Srivastava has successfully marked her presence in whatever she has done so far. She belongs to Lucknow, U.P. With a vast career of serving corporate for more than a decade she believes nothing is unachievable. With her determination and courage, she is running two start-ups and with her wits and strong business attitude she is already known among entrepreneurs. Having an analytical mind, she is always up for new adventure and risk in career. With her magnetic persona she is just not confined to business, Richa is also a beauty pageant finalist of year 2019 and selected among 50k auditions across globe and chosen as one of 170 contestants and presented herself in finale in Greece from Lucknow.

She is an author too, having an E-book on Amazon kindle with all 5-star rating she proved herself to be a good writer too. You can find her book worldwide by the Srivastava Richa “journey” on amazon kindle. She started her success story with her start-up in intellectual property industry and all her struggle fetch her government award of BrandIndia: Women in business award in 2021 itself. She was selected as one of the top 100 women entrepreneur of India.

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Being a fabulous writer Richa has started her second venture in writing business with the name of MYSHAAYARI. Here her team is efficiently catering all writing needs of various clients and majorly focusing on content and scripts for animation/advertising. Happy clients give her work satisfaction. “Magical words” is what she received as her best compliment in writing.

She is an inspiration to many, with her presence which pervades in her environment, she carries a positive persona which is apparently distinguished and accepted in every ambience.

Having an in-depth life experience, people who know her often approach her for their decision and guidance in life, which gave her a different designation of counsellor. Having good hold on language she is also a motivational speaker and already worked with government recognised companies as speaker for students and corporates.

Richa is spiritual and believe in no coincidence. Strongly believer of karma she analyses reason for every happening. She has a clarity of life and her struggle made her a better person. Richa is grateful to almighty for all the life experience and she consider herself to be blessed for whatever she has achieved so far in life.