My new revamped website will give a better viewer experience to my visitors says celebrity astrologer Samarpit Kanwatia

Samarpit Kanwatia is a Mumbai-based acclaimed celebrity astrologer with experience of more than 20 years, having numerous clients throughout the world. His dealing with multiple clients, which include successful personalities from different professions, has made him well researched to deliver his clients whatever they expect of him. His clients, irrespective of their different castes, religions, and nationalities have always benefited from his knowledge. He has intense knowledge of Vaastu and Numerology and while consulting a client he likes to mix Astrology, Numerology, & Vaastu, positioning superior guidance, offering a more wholesome and productive result, to his client.

Samarpit Ji says, “The new look of my website was all done up and was re-launched on 18th February as per decided mahurat. One has to be a part of the change and my new revamped website is a small step towards that goal. I want my visitors to have a better viewing and browsing experience and my whole team was dedicated, focused, and single-mindedly working behind the making of this website for the last three months, to give to my lovely viewers an experience that is to get a wholesome and a holistic feel of Astrology, Vastu, Numerology, and various information on Rudraksha, Pujas, Gemstones and other details, not to miss our popular section of ANSWER 1 FREE Question.”

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Samarpit Ji elaborates, “My earlier website was designed in 2002 and we are looking at that baby now all grown up in 2022, following the technology of today and making the landing page more attractive and enhanced for today’s viewers and users. My new team is very capable. Knowing very well the requisites that I had and wanted. They have delivered me the quality as per my liking and expectancy and beyond. I am very sure the way I have liked the interface and the way it has been beed, my lovely users, will also love it and would like to visit my page again and again.”

“The only thing I seek from revamping my website is that people who visit my website not only enjoy the page but also learn and educate themselves with so much information that is available on the website. Aap Sabka SARV MANGAL HO!” concludes Samarpit Ji

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