Nang Lucky Gogoi, a Member of the Assam State Commission for Women, working for Women Entrepreneurship Development in Assam

The youngest member of the Assam State Commission for Women, Nang Lucky Gogoi, is vocal about achieving women’s empowerment by developing women’s entrepreneurship.
She says that Women of nearly all races and ethnicities face higher rates of poverty than their male counterparts. She further insists that economically weak people are victims of discrimination. This is why women are victims of gender-based violence. Her logic is that economic dependency on their own family makes women readily available for all kinds of wrong things, which can be summarized as gender-based violence or crime against women.

Nang Lucky Gogoi further opines that the only solution is making women economically empowered. Women’s economic empowerment is the transformative process that helps women and girls move from limited power, voice, and choice at home and in the economy to having the skills, resources, and opportunities needed to compete equitably in markets as well as the agency to control and benefit from economic gains.

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In her dissertation paper, which Nang Lucky Gogoi has submitted to the Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University in partial completion of her MA in Sociology, she has written that Women entrepreneurship refers to starting and running a business by women. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of women entrepreneurs globally, with more and more women leaping to start their businesses.

Despite the progress, women entrepreneurs still face numerous challenges, including access to capital, limited networks, and cultural and societal barriers. However, these obstacles have not deterred women from pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams and significantly impacting their communities and the broader economy.

In her research work, she has found that businesses owned by women have a positive impact on job creation and economic growth. Women-owned businesses are more community-focused and socially responsible, providing valuable diversity in the business landscape.

Governments and private organizations have been taking steps to support and promote women’s entrepreneurship by providing access to funding, mentorship, and networking opportunities. In addition, there has been a growing recognition of the value of diversity in business, with an emphasis on promoting women-led ventures.
Women’s entrepreneurship can help to drive economic growth and address gender equality. It is essential to continue to support and empower women in their entrepreneurial journeys. This can be achieved through the provision of resources and opportunities and the promotion of a supportive and inclusive business environment.
Women empowerment through entrepreneurship refers to enabling women to start and run their businesses, thereby giving them financial independence, economic stability and the power to make decisions that affect their lives. This can lead to increased representation of women in leadership positions and greater gender equality in society. By owning and running their businesses, women can also serve as role models for other women and help break down societal barriers and stereotypes.

Nang Lucky Gogoi conducted the research in Assam, particularly concerning the Sivasagar district. For this, she collected samples from the District Industry Association of Sivasagar, known as the Rangpur Agri and Allied Processors’Industry Association. Her study was carried out among the registered women entrepreneurs of the Sivasagar District Industry Association. During this period, she worked closely with women entrepreneurs and helped them apply for government schemes. More Hundreds of applications have been submitted for Mudra loans. Some of the applications have already been approved by the concerned authorities. Under her guidance, almost 100 women applicants from Sivasagar have applied for other Government schemes, namely NECTAR. Right now, the Farmer Producer Company (FPC ) proposal – one on fishery and one on Mushrooms in Sivasagar is taking shape under her mentorship. Also, she is the director of the only proposed Common Facility Centre – CFC in the undivided district of Sivasagar. The best part is that female representatives dominate the governing body in the FPCs and the CFC.

In the last couple of months, more than 50 women entrepreneurs have been sent from the Sivasagar district for the Entrepreneurship Development Programs conducted in different parts of the country. These programs are Government sponsored.

Nang Lucky Gogoi says that Government schemes are meant for ordinary people, who must get the benefits. For this, she voluntarily organizes awareness programs. She even helps prepare proposals and guides the applicants in every step until they get a genuine response from the concerned authorities. Right from acting as a contact person for health-related schemes in the state, she is doing every bit for women’s empowerment, primarily through women’s entrepreneurship development. She does everything voluntarily; social service is her passion.