National Lok Adalat settled 5,256 cases with Rs.28.81 Cr awards in Ferozepur

Ferozepur, March 10, 2022: In the National Lok Adalat held today at Ferozepur, 12 different benches in district Ferozepur settled 3,645 cases out of 5,414 cases and 1,611 cases from total of 7,007,  in the pre-litigation.

Sachin Sharma, District and Sessions Judge and Ekta Uppal, Secretary, District Legal Services Authority said, in this Lok Adalat various types of cases like civil cases, resignedly criminal cases, check bounce, recovery cases, traffic challan and domestic dispute cases and pre-litigation cases have been settled by mutual consent of the parties.

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They further said, in the total 5,256 cases disposed of, awards for Rs.27,90,08,348 and Rs. 91,29,782  respectively, totaling Rs.28,81,38,130, were given., by 12 benches including one Permanent Lok Adalat.

District and Sessions Judge Mr. Sachin Sharma in his address said that there was no appeal in the cases decided in the Lok Adalat. The judgment passed in the Lok Adalat is recognized as a decree and these judgments are satisfactory and the parties are relieved of litigation and the parties are also relieved of much other mental anguish.

He said that people can mediate their cases at the mediation center by mutual consent and those who are unable to file a case in the court can also get their case heard by filing an application in the mediation center and settling their disputes by mutual consent.  In cases decided in mediation, there is a mutual brotherhood between the parties.

In the end, he said, Quit fighting and increase love and get justice quickly and quickly through people’s courts