Natraj Group adds a new member to their faculty, Tanmay Nagpal as the CEO.

Nagpal Industries was established in the year 1950, and this year Natraj Group of Industries completes their 71 years in the industry. Over the years Nagpal Industries has built a huge base of satisfied customers because of their excellent customer service and their efficiency to complete their task adhering to the quality standards in the required time frame.

Nagpal Industries is based in Delhi, the capital of India and currently has a huge manufacturing unit that serves the needs of not only the country but also meets the demand globally. Providing variety of machines such as 3ply/5ply automatic plant, Paper Corrugating Machine. Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine, Eccentric Slotter Machine, 4 Bar Rotary, Flute Laminators, Flex Printing Machine with special expertise in machines that make corrugated cardboard boxes. Over the years of its establishment their specialization in machines comes under the brand of ‘NATRAJA’, the quality of NATRAJA group is well-known.

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They have served various sectors ranging from food and beverage to electronics, Industrial supply, E- Commerce, what not across the globe and their consistent approach towards delivering high performance oriented corrugated box machinery is well spoken about. The experienced and highly professional team at NATRAJA group which is initially being led by Mr L.R Nagpal, the legacy is carried by Pankaj Nagpal and now the Nagpal group is all set to add another member to their faculty— Tanmay Nagpal. On their 71st anniversary Tanmay Nagpal is joining as CEO of Nagpal Industries.

The team of highly experienced individuals that are experienced and hardworking never compromise with the quality which has allowed them to have repeated clients from across the globe. “The entire process of manufacturing is done under experts’ guidance and supervision,” said the Nagpal Industries. The manufactured goods go under the testing procedure and several quality checks before it is delivered to the customers.

“The quality is something that NATRAJA is known for, and I wish to carry on this vision” said Tanmay Nagpal, the newly appointed CEO of the Nagpal Industries. The quality assurance of the company is another thing on which the group takes the pride on. The products are innovative and highly-researched by experts at world-class faculty that makes Natraj Group stand out from the crowd. The modern quality testing labs allows them to conduct inspections at various stages of production. The group makes sure that their machinery is;

·         Efficient and durable performance

·         Complete user safety and easy operating console

·         Meeting the specific functionality standards as required in the process

·         Best and premium quality output

Complete range of our products can be purchased at company leading prices because their main aim is to satisfy customers with optimum quality products. Nagpal Industries is customer centric and a performance centric company that focus on customer’s satisfaction and performance of their machinery with Tanmay Nagpal on-board the company’s aim to expand and enhance their range of products. Continuously working on developing their features that are;

·      Automation in the corrugated industry

·      Optimum operation speed

·      Comparatively lower power consumption

·      Keeping pace with various technical advancements happening in the industry

·      Incorporate latest process demands in their machinery to ensure their competitiveness in the global markets

As Tanmay holds new responsibilities and duties, Nagpal Industries continues to be one the best in manufacturing corrugated machinery and hold a significant proportion of the market.

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