Best Vastu Consultant and Palmist in India : Navneit Goel

Navneit Goel, an expert in Vastu and Palmistry, has been recognized as the best consultant in India. After being intrigued by Occult Science in 1996, he went to different astrologers and attended various workshops related to the subject. However, he was disappointed when the predictions made by these astrologers did not come true. This led him to create his own methods for balancing energies, which he tested on his business, resulting in guaranteed positive results.

Over the years, Navneit Goel refined his skills and started working professionally in 2017, helping business owners who were on the verge of bankruptcy to recover and thrive by correcting the Vastu of their houses and workplaces. In 2019, while helping a client, he discovered that the name, logo, and date of incorporation of a business also play a vital role in its success. This led him to create a new concept, “Concept Identity,” which has a success rate of 99.99%.

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In 2020, Navneit Goel made an observation that there is a connection between the energies of the home and the destiny indicated on a person’s palm. He found that, when the energies controlling the destiny and the home Vastu are in good positions, people tend to live a peaceful life and earn at their full potential. In 2021,Goel discovered that the energy of the home place controls and enhances the effect of the energy of destiny, while the energy of the workplace controls and enhances the effect of the energy of identity.

Navneit Goel has been able to help clients achieve their full potential and live prosperous lives instead of stressful and unstable ones. He has a high success rate in his work and has been instrumental in helping businesses prevent losses and increase profits. His findings on Vastu and Palmistry have helped people across the country and have earned him the title of the best consultant in India.

Navneit Goel is an Astro-Business Strategist. “After years of research, I have developed a unique and revolutionary strategy that can help every Entrepreneur, Business Owner and Industrialist in growing their business,” he says.

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Monday – Friday, 9:30 am – 5:30 pmPhone +91 9811020741 Life Growth is Navneit Goel’s Signature Approach and something he recommends every business owner to take. Business Owners who want to grow their business and live a happy and peaceful life should opt for this service.