Need of cancer hospitals in India

Cancer: The current scenario in India

In India, Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like cancer is emerging as a major health problem. The percentage of deaths due to Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is approximately 63% of all deaths and cancer is one of the leading causes accounts 9%. 

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The common 5 leading cancers are breast, lung, mouth, cervix, uterus, and tongue. It is observed that every day nearly 1,300 people are diagnosed with cancer and women has increased cases of cancer. 

Reasons behind increased morbidity and mortality:

1. Currently, in India, more cancer patients go undetected due to a lack of screening technology. 

2. Also, there is a lack of awareness about cancer symptoms and screening programmes. Hence, people fail to detect cancer in the early stage.

3. Majority of cancers are detected at an advanced stage. At this stage, there are lesser no. of treatment options available and hence fewer chances of survival.

4. In rural areas,Facilities available are too short compared to the number of patients suffering or diagnosed with cancer. 70 % of cancer cases lead to death due to a lack of medical facilities. 

5. Another major issue is the cost of cancer treatment

Why women cancer cases are increasing in India? 

  • In India, women cancer cases are on the rise at the same time mortality rate is also increasing rapidly. The main cause is low awareness and late detection.
  • Another prominent reason for increasing cancer among Indian women is poor menstrual hygiene. Statistics show that one woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes in India which is sad.
  • Breast cancer is majorly contributing to the overall women cancer cases in India. Changing lifestyles, increasingly stressful lives, smoking, alcohol consumption, use of contraception are certain important factors contributing to breast cancer cases.

Role of cancer awareness: 

The only way to lower the cancer mortality rate is regular screenings and early diagnosis. Hence there is a need to educate Indian people about the importance of screening like Mammography, Pap test and HPV test. 

Also, we can prevent no. of cancer cases by educating people about the risk factors. 

Need of cancer hospitals in India:

As cancer is one of the biggest public health challenges in India. There is a sharp rise in morbidity and mortality due to cancer. Our entire nation especially rural underprivileged areas are suffering due to a lack of screening and other medical facilities. There is an imbalance between facilities available and no. of cancer patients. Current facilities for cancer care are not sufficient to deal with the situation. Hence there is a need to expand the resources of health care providers and bring world-class cancer care accessible to all Indians. 

Currently, cancer treatment facilities are mainly distributed across metro cities. People from rural areas have to come to metro cities for cancer treatment. Cancer cure is a long-term process and can take 2- 5 years for a complete cure. Also, post-operative cancer care is crucial. 

Already the cancer treatment is costly and additional stay costs get added to it. Patients need to take care of the operated area, nutritious diet, light exercise, physiotherapy, supportive treatment, regular follow-ups, counselling and so on. To fulfil the demand for cancer treatment facilities more cancer hospitals is needed in rural as well as urban area.

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