Neeta Yadav’s super fun comedy sketch on YouTube and Facebook will force you to roll on the floor laughing.

Neeta Yadav is back showcasing her talent to make you all laugh to the core. Her latest YouTube and Facebook video is going to be the funniest video you will ever see. Gags, fights, politics here is a buffet you can overdose on. If you’re looking to just laugh and be merry, this video will definitely do the trick. Don’t forget to check that out.

Neeta Yadav, is back with a phenomenal video that will make you laugh your brains out.  An extremely polished actress with great experience of her field happens to be an upcoming star of the entertainment world. Many successful projects have been written to her name. She starred in many hit soap operas for large TV Channels such as Sab TV, Colours and Star Plus. Her phenomenal looks and incredible performances gave her the immense love and praise which she respects duly. The actress is here to stay for a long time entertaining the audience with her beauty and brains.

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Her role in Saat Phero Ki Hera Pheri received a lot of praise whereas her special appearances in Lado and Love Ka Hai Intezaar were also noticed be the audience. She has featured in hindi horror movie Maut Fir Aegi (2018), Paroo and Nyay the justice. Recently the actress is working as a model in print shoots and a few webseries. Neetu Yadav has also featured in several YouTube and Facebook short films with sensitive topics that are needed to be addressed. Her music videos such as Khuda Bhi Jab also bagged a lot of views on YouTube and Facebook.

Now the new upcoming video is presumed to be viral as the comedy sketch is very well written. The gags alternate between being truly funny and averagely routine but you find yourself laughing uncontrollably because the actress here is a delight to watch.  Gags, fights, politics here is a buffet you can overdose on. If you’re looking to just laugh and be merry, this video will definitely do the trick.

Her contributions in several entertainment projects are listed below:

Tv Serial

  1. Saat Phero Ki Hera Pheri
  2. Lado
  3. Love Ka Hai Intezaar


  1. Maut Fir Aaegi
  2. Paroo
  3. Nyay the Justice


  1. Upcoming funny sketch

The actress is extremely hardworking and her passion for fitness is not hidden from the world. She believes fitness is like relationship you can’t cheat and expect it to work. With this motive she pays utmost attention to her fitness and her goal is to get better from her previous self.  Her enticing emotions and attractive figure can bring any shot to life. Cameras adore her, and any photograph of her exudes desire. Her career as a model entails more than simply appearing beautiful, and she is well-versed in the business. The model is aware of her best angles and how to make a shot appear more about the company for which she is promoting rather than herself. Her sense of style is genuinely outstanding; her costumes constantly stand out in a crowd, making her an excellent choice for forthcoming music videos and modelling sessions.

She is quite active on her Instagram handle neetayadav and Taka Tak and Tiki handle neeta. The actress was born in Chembur Mumbai and lives in Juhu nearby Eskon Temple. Neetu loves to travel, she has explored many out of station cities in India and visited many countries such as Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai. The young actress is very mature for her age that is 22 years only she is hardworking and a focused career obsessed lady. She will perform her best in every aspect of her career as well as personal life. 

Her soft skills make her the most ideal co-worker you could possibly want for. She has a pleasant demeanour and a strong work ethic. She can adjust to any scenario and handle problems without making a big deal out of it. Neetu Yadav’s participation in this profession is notable. She is ecstatic to work on huge projects with Hollywood producers and to star with dignitaries. Her path has just begun, and there are many more planned films in which you will see the actress. But for now, definitely go and check the video out and share that with your friends to have a great laugh together.