New York Based Actress-Filmmaker Takes the Mic : Jazmine Cornielle Unveils her Journey on ‘Creative Podcast’.

Award Winning Actress-Filmmaker Jazmine Cornielle Opened Up on Ajay Tambe’s  ‘Creative Podcast’ about How she Stepped Away to Achieve an Unattainable Dream of Becoming an Actress.

From humble beginnings to award-winning accomplishments, Jazmine Cornielle shares her inspiring story and invaluable insights

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Jazmine Cornielle unveils the essence of her creative journey and the passion that drives her to continue pushing boundaries in the world of entertainment.

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About Actress ‘Jazmine Cornielle’ :

Jazmine Cornielle is an award-winning actress, writer, and filmmaker based in NYC. She is a graduate of The William Esper Studio for Meisner Technique and has taken classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade (UCB) and Brooklyn Comedy Collective for comedy writing. 

Jazmine prides herself in being a tenacious self-starter. She is a co-founder of the horror company Human Pincushion Productions, where she writes and produces horror films. Among her most recent projects are the award-winning film ‘Raven’ and the web-series ‘Short Screams’. She is also the founder of the sketch comedy group A Series Of Unfortunate Folks, where she writes and performs dark comedy sketches.

Jazmine has also recently started a new production comedy ‘SimmeringFire Productions’. You can expect all her projects to drop on it’s youtube channel!

You can find out more about everything Jazmine-related here:

IG: @jazminecornielle website:

New company: @SimmeringFireProductions


Horror Company: @humanpincushionproductions.

Sketch Team: @A_Series_Of_Unfortunate_Folks (her team of collaborators put on live shows every other month at The Players Theater where she has a residency!)

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