Nikhil Gill – Inspiring Journey of 25 years old entrepreneur and the man behind Shalom India Travels

Starting at the age of 21, Nikhil Gill proved one fact over and over again – everything is possible if you have the will to accomplish it!

The term ‘entrepreneur’ often conjures up images of experienced, successful individuals who had arrived at a point in their lives when they felt confident to take new risks and face new challenges. However, success can come at any age and many ambitious youngsters are going against the grain to launch their own start-ups during their 20s Nikhil Gill proved it wrong that success can come at any age. If you are a young person with a big idea, it’s important to know that you don’t have to wait until you are older to put your plans into action.

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Nikhil’s inspirational story shows that passion and determination are more powerful than age or experience. Having started at the age of 21, Nikhil adopted the real path of hard work and smart work to launch his venture Shalom India Travels in the year 2018 with a mission to provide luxury car rental services. In a span of the last 5 years, he not only built his own empirebut also made his footprints to be recognized amongst many aspiring entrepreneurs of his age.

The age of 21 is the time when usually any boys or girlsspend most of their time on video games or leisure time their hobbies such as sports, entertainment, or socializing. But Nikhil was not like other kids. Instead of enjoying his youth he started sensing the business world and stepped into the beginning of his entrepreneurial journey at the young age of 21. Within a short span of time of implementation of his ideas and in 5 years since the inception of Shalom India Travels, Nikhil came out on top as a perfect example of an Indian Public figure with a calm mindmixed up with consonance and inspiration to fellow entrepreneurs.

Indeed, every salaried individual holds a deep desire to quit their job and start something fulfilling their need for independence and happiness! The CEO and founder, Nikhil Gill, also worked for a car rental company before he chose to leave one day. He had no notion, and in 2018 he founded Shalom India Travels by cutting all ties and opting for entrepreneurship over mundane 9 to 5 jobs.

Nikhil’s venture Shalom India Travels is a car rental company that acts as a one-stop shop for all travel-related services in India, facilitating both business and leisure travel by offering real-time pricing, availability, and booking options for both domestic and international flights, hotel reservations, and vacation packages. His goal in establishing Shalom India Travels was to offer luxury travel accommodations and the best car rental services at competitive prices with simple online and offline payment options.

Nikhil not only serves as an example for other entrepreneurs in his industry, but many aspirants are also positively inspired by his successful journey and dedication to hard work. Nothing is more powerful than patience and persistence, and when combined with ambition, the hard effort pays off, in his opinion and according to his leadership abilities.

India is without a doubt a nation of multi-talented entrepreneurs who act as inspiring role models for others. The path of Nikhil shows in real life that in the world of entrepreneurship, age is irrelevant; all that counts is an idea and how it is carried out.

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