Nirgia Brand Promoters felicitated women of talent in its IWTA Virtual Awards Ceremony

Event Management and Digital Marketing company Nirgia Brand Promoters organized the newest edition of IWA- Indian Woman Talent Awards 2022 to confer and recognize women of talent from all across the country. The virtual ceremony was conducted on March 19, 2022, from around 4:00 to 7:00 pm where over 70 women were felicitated from different categories as the event proceeded. It aimed at bringing women from different prospects under one roof and building a community that recognizes them as the powerful entity these ladies are.

The event began with the welcome speeches by hosts Swati Wadhawan and Ayesha Shaikh. All the proceedings were beautifully mandated by the duo. The Founder of Indian Women Dubai- Miss Reema Mahajan graced her presence as the Chief Guest of the event. The actor & entrepreneur Twinkle Vasisht participated as the Guest of Honor. The Keynote Speaker delivering her mindful notes was the Leadership Trainer Mansi Yogesh Thakkar and the Guest Speaker accompanying her was the renowned Social Media Influencer Mouli Roy. The words of all the guests reigned through the event, delivering many insightful stories of hard work, struggles, and success in all.

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Among the list of awardees stood a lot of entrepreneurs, doctors, teachers, educators, artists, and many more. The category of Entrepreneurs included Dr. Raina Khatri Tandon, Priyanka Punia, Palikila Ramalakshmi, Dr.C.Vijayalaxmi, Shalaka Sreeram, Shalini Ruban, Susmitha CS, Gayathri, Vidhya Prasanna,  Mrs. Anushri Sujit Khedekar-Kavle, S Devika Malini, B Deepika Reddy, Charu Tarachand Chaudhary, Dolly Chhatwani, Ms. Vandana Jayaprakash, Rashi Jain. They also included Rubeena Begum as the Dynamic Entrepreneur, Khuratulain Kahkashan and Srivarshini as Super Mompreneur, and Amruta Kshemkalyani as the Social Entrepreneur. The Social Workers included Snehal Chaudhari, Samarpita Sen, Advocate Kani Nada Maling, Rekha Dalal, and Dr. Roshni Tolani who is also a Cosmetologist. The Spiritual Leaders felicitated enlisted, Diksha Bhatnagar and Dr. Kim Sharma. 

The event had artists named Debopriya Banerjee, Manali Chakraborty, Veena Venkatraman for the Art & Culture, Anayana Singhvi for the Dancer, Preeti Mihir Shah, Anisha Murali, and Binaragini Mahapatra as the Make-up Artist. The category of Doctors had the following people- Dr. Shirin Inamdar, Asha Sivakumar (Psychologist), Sneha Mondal (Psychologist), Shabana Sanchawala (Psychologist), Dr. Madhuri Mahesh Bairat, Rakshita Bhandari (Fitness Expert), J Shri Indhu(Fitness Expert), Dr. Lipika Chakraborty. The last major category was of Educators that included Kavita Aggarwal, Mrs. Shobha Joy Gaddam, Netra Naik, Dr. Manisha Seal, Dr. Joshla L Soni, Dr. Lynette Johnson, Mrs. Meenu Bhartiya, Priyanka Srivastava, Prangya Paramita Pradhan, Khushi Solanki, and Maya Ghosh.

There were a lot of other females that were felicitated across many other varied forms of categories. The names of the conferred winners are as follows- Leena Hemant Desai for Legal Services, Sheryll for Manager, Neelima Burra for Corporate Leadership, KU Poonam Chauhan for Yoga Instructor, Dr. Suniti Sharma and Piyaibala Ayam for Writers, Sabari Sankari Paramasivan for Influencer, Dr. Tanu Goel for Manager, Dr. Kamakshi Venkatraman for Researcher,  Krupa Solanki for a Chef, Soma Halder for Writer, Farhana Sahil Siddique for Business Manager, Ar. P. Sitha MahaLakhsmi for Architect, Yogashiromani Sasmita Ray for Yoga Instructor, Madhu Lakhotia for Exclusive Woman Talent(Reverse Singer), Jouhara Mahar KC for Writer, and Dr. Thejo Kumari Amudala for Influencer.

Standing firm on the motto that ‘Empowered Women Empower Women’, founder of Nirgia Brand Promoters, Harpreet Kaur says, “My platform solely focuses on recognizing women all around for all the hard work and determination they put to make society a place worth living. Therefore these awards are a way of promoting them to continue the good deed and meanwhile letting them know that none of it goes in vain and is all acknowledged. The females we felicitate have been selected after a mindful process of understanding their work and thoughtful approach and being convinced that this is something that will last in the long run”.

Nirgia Brand Promoters takes immense pride with all kinds of events they promote especially women-oriented awards as they believe that this is a major breakthrough that they are leading the modern world with. Continuing with such a thought makes both the Brand and associated IWTA- Indian Women Talent Awards, a name to be reckoned with in the industry.