Nitin Sharma is coming back with his next composition

Maine… Maine ChahaYehi Tha

‘Your problems could be stubborn, but if you are more stubborn than your problems your time will definitely come,’ says Nitin in his interview.

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Achieving your dream is all about thinking positive while you are passing through lots of imbroglios and negativity around, It is all about maintaining composure, poise, and strong belief in your art.

He says, Maine…Maine Chaya Yehi Tha’ is a song, we have dedicated to all those ones who are passing through the feeling of heartbreak. This is the only situation in LOVE that can make you feel dilapidated or bedraggled. It can be lethal to one’s life, even. Through this song we have tried to fill the heart of the person broken in love with vigour of making his life continue.

<strong>Nitin Sharma is coming back with his next composition</strong><strong></strong>

This song will definitely be loved by the people who are passing through this extremely maddening and plaintive phase of Life. “Ab na rakhunkisi ki khabar kisi ki fikar na mujhe…..haanawarahoon, main nakarahoon ja kehle jo kehna tujhe’  are the lines of the song which transfer an energising feel into a broken heart. We have worked truly hard on its lyrical part & composition with our team and we hope that people will definitely like the composition.

Nitin always believes in doing different, His first book was – Mystery of Atom (Genre – popular science), and his second one, was India’s first musical love story – Mysterious of 4:30 A.M. When it happened with 5 songs which are available at every platform now, including Jio Saavn, Resso, Wynk Music and Amazon. 

Nitin is a passionate singer and has learnt the art of singing from his Guru ji ‘Rajeev Bhatt sir’ from Jaipur Sangeet Gharana. He says that he is doing his riyaaz since 2012 and has taken music very sincerely because it connects him to the universe and gives him relief. He has written many songs in his life and now he is working on all of them to bring them in front back to back.

He will be releasing this song on 12th October on the youtube channel – Author Nitin Sharma.

Catch the link and subscribe to the channel now to receive the notification.

Listen to his original number on 12th and try to come out of the devastating condition of heartbreak.