Nivetha Jessica’s passion made her INMC’19 Champion.

Standing out of all the odds and fighting the stereotypes, Nivetha Jessica from Chennai, TN, India, became 3rd ranked biker in Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship 2019. Nivetha aims to be the number one biker in the world. She is two times National Motorcycle Champion and founder of the Women’s Motorcycle Club and a NIFTYSPORTSINDIA, a sporting company. She is a Team Principal of the PRO SPEED RACING.

During the phase when Nivetha was growing, she saw differences and discriminations faced by women in society. This made her feel that she had to do something to prove herself and that side-lining women doesn’t make them weak. That was the time when racing entered her world. That was the day, Nivetha knew this was something she was interested in and would take this forward in her life.

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Nivetha met with a severe accident while riding, and she broke her leg and suffered fatal injuries. She thought of quitting, but her dedication and passion were much solid than these thoughts. She came back— stronger. She won the National Drag Racing Championship and the TVS One-Make Championship, due to which she garnered the support of her family, friends and was motivated to work harder. In 2017 she became 1st South Indian rider to finish podium in 500cc class (dirt race) at Rider Mania, Goa. Royal Enfield had organised this event.

 She met a lot of people in this field who motivated her and gave her support after this. She also shares that, “I always regret the fact that I never had a mentor, but I also acknowledge that I wouldnt have sought inspiration had there been a guiding force in my life. We find only when we seek, and my longing for an inspiration was well compensated for during the later years.” 

The motivation was so rooted that even after ups and downs in life, nearly seeing death, Nivetha didn’t give up. She realised her strengths and realised that the more she pushed her limits, the more she could achieve in life. To become a world-class athlete, she had to push her boundaries multiple times, which could only be achieved with self-discipline.

Nivetha has a degree from St. Peter’s College of Engineering and Technology in Bio-Technology. She is entitled with various awards like Road Racing, Drag Racing & off-road racing. She is also a Tamil Nadu State Secretary, Women’s Wing at NATIONAL YOUTH COUNCIL OF INDIA. Nivetha also received the Young Achiever award from Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K.Stalin.

Nivetha has won multiple racing awards such as National Motorcycle Drag Racing Champion organised by Federation of Motor Sport Club, Inspiring Racing Champion organised by Karpaga Vinayaga College of Engineering & Technology, and the list goes on. In October 2020, Nivetha won Indian National Drag Championship Madras Motor Sports Club. This was the race where she touched a whopping speed of 118kmph. This was the first race after a long break due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Nivetha Jessica has been passionate about bikes and riding since she was sixteen. Nivetha has come a long way in following her passion. When Nivetha was a young girl, she would embrace her passion and say, “In spite of being a girl, I would love to ride bikes which shall result in my passion of getting into professional racing.”

She has been continuously working in favour of getting women in this field and making them aware. Nivetha aims to break the stereotypes of society. She remarks, “There are numerous women who have made it big in life, each one of whom are truly inspiring. Theres yet a lot more for me achieve and I hope that the love and respect my people gratify me with will remain intact till eternity.

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