Pradeep Chhabra is an astute and result oriented professional with + 4 decades of experience both in the Public and Private sector in managing business and 

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business development activities in downstream of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals. 

Born and brought up in Delhi, Mechanical engineer by education, Marketer at 

heart, lives with his wife, Meenakshi and son, Siddhant. In Delhi 

His four non fiction books have No theory , no Jargons , straight from the heart, are easy to read and comprehend. Very vital insights are provided by Pradeep on tackling the maze of corporate life, grow personally and professionally. Mail him –

1.UNCORK YOUR SELF NOT BOTTLESStep up to next level of personal and professional life 

Time flies very fast and the way business is done is changing very fast. Going forward, all of us have no choice but to visit self created Mental Gyms on daily basis, besides physical Gyms.How much are you investing in yourself. What is your likability , Approachability, Luck, Trust and Listening index.How do you resurrect, reinvent, rebuild, reengineer your self. How do you preserve, protect and promote your mental capital, besides your financial capital.Are you a trustworthy brand. How much you talk to yourself ? Figure out the ways.

2.CONQUERING CORPORATE CIRCUS Be a lion and not a mouse, Be a butterfly and not an ant

Always be conscious of the fact that the way you speak, what you speak, way you dress, way you address, way you walk, way your  body language expresses the words, choice of words, way you smile, way you treat other persons  who are powerless and from lower strata in the society and way you behave when no one is watching you defines you all.

3.THE ACCIDENTAL ENGINEERSTOPPERS EXCUSE -Lessons from the lives of accomplished engineers 

Book successfully connects the dots between academics and professional life.Book is a beacon light for corporate success without overly relying on management jargons.

4.READ Your family will always succeed 

You do not have to read what Mukesh Ambani, Satya Nadella,Jeff Bezos or Indra Nooyi or Virat Kohli or Anand Mahindra reads. Be aware that they read a lot and quite a lot.Read what you like, Read  the way you like, Read when you like, Read in presence of children, Read irrespective of your trade or profession.Fiction or non fiction choice is yours, you will rediscover your self. There is no difference between the people who can not read and who do not read.

Return on a book is infinite and life long.

All the books are very widely reviewed on Amazon and Goodreads. Available on line on Amazon in both paper back and as ebooks. Link below : Pradeep has extensive presence on Twitter, FB, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube. His posts and videos are very widely appreciated  by professionals at all levels  in diverse fields. More about him on his personal website