Now Akeer is making a splash in the Bollywood industry by singing rap

Akshay Sharma, better known by his stage name Akeer, is an Indian rapper, lyricist, music composer. Akeer started his career as a rapper. He began his career in 2010 and in 2019 he released his songs “Arki Ra Paau” and “Himachali Ladka” on social sites. He then started working with many artists as a part of group. Akeer then split from the group. He was supported by his friend pnks singh, who supports him always. Soon after the split for the group Akeer started his solo career. He made his YouTube channel and started working on that. In 2019, he started releasing his songs and get many of views. Akeer’s alluring music has now captured everyone’s hearts.

India wasn’t too far behind the rest of the world when the hip-hop, rap, and street art craze swept the globe. There have been many rappers from all around the country throughout the years, but Akeer was able to use some truly incredible music to convey their views and feelings.

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Akeer, a 23-year-old who was born in the tiny village of Arki solan, entered the music industry in 2010 and, after displaying some skill, turned it into his passion by the following year. Since then, he has participated in numerous interviews. He added that he had no idea how or why his songs began to stick in my head while I was tinkering with music, but now all the major music streaming services adore them. Additionally, they receive ongoing support from more than 10,000 families on YouTube. Everywhere, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, “Akeer” can be searched.

Akeer believes he has come closer to realising his dream with the publication of his international single, “Arki Ra Paau.” But rather than being limited to one or two recordings, his singing career has been a journey. Someday, he’ll put out an EP or LP. He is just accepting each situation as it comes given the current state of events “He remarked. “He continually develops his Himachali culture vocabulary while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. Through this endeavour, he hopes to make a large audience aware of his music and artistic talent. Even if the song is well-liked by teenagers and has a large global audience, it won’t turn off any Indian listeners because this style of Hindi music is popular among many teenagers in India.

He is now going to release his new song called “dhara waleya” which will definitely gain popularity on Facebook and YouTube. Because he adores his culture so much, Akeer constantly aims to promote Himachali culture through his music.