Om Thakur, Bollywood Executive Producer’s Prince Suraj, Nephew, Turns Two

Om Thakur, born to Anuj Kumar Thakur and Nandini Thakur, turns two this year. Born on 4th March 2020, Om has been enjoying his childhood. Facing the new normal, Om grew up during the COVID pandemic; though the joy of childhood is limited, the family tried their best to make sure that Om enjoyed his childhood days.

His paternal and maternal grandparents, Vidyasagar Thakur, Geetadevi Thakur, and Shivkumari Thakur, narrated him stories like every grandparent, played with him, and at times rescued Om from his mischievous activities. Prince Suraj, a known Bollywood Executive Producer and Assistant Director extend his heartfelt wishes to Om Thakur.

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On this whole birthday, the family blesses young Om with lots of love and extends good luck to him on his birthday. Born in Kolkata, West Bengal, Om enjoys playing and is a fast learner. He grasps things very fast and enjoys doing a lot of things.

Prince Suraj is known for his works, including Angrezi Medium, Love Aaj Kal, Neeraj, Roohi Afzana. Anup Thakur, famously known as Prince Suraj, says, “Om is a young boy when one forgets the tiredness of the day with him. The shine in his eyes makes me happy.”

Children are a gift from God. They share a bond and positive aura with them. Om Thakur celebrates his birthday this year with his family, all packed up with fun and adventurous activities. In this, Om’s father, Mr. Anuj Kumar Thakur, says,

“I wish Om a very happy and a lovely birthday. I wish him success and forever joy. God Bless my Boy.”

The family adds on wishes one by one,

Om’s mother, Mrs. Nandini Thakur, says, “I wish Om loads of love and happiness. May he keep smiling and keep on spreading positivity. Do whatever makes you happy, my boy.” Mrs. Thakur passes her wishes and blessings to her son.

Om’s grandparents pass on much love and say, “We wish Om that he shall grow up to be a fantastic human. As he enjoys his childhood, he may enjoy his life and never stop to learn.”

His Uncle, Anup Thakur, aka Prince Suraj, says, “The boy has abilities capabilities to reach heights. He enjoys his childhood, and we let him do whatever he likes doing.”

The whole family wishes Om Thakur abundant happiness and prosperity and bless him with everything.

Thakur family extends their wishes to Om Thakur, who turns two this year.

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