On the way to a dream- The story of a Successful Stock Market Trader Daksh jain

Today, let us talk about someone whose chosen path was different from the one he wanted and his journey to the right career path. Like many people in India, Daksh Jain wanted to become an engineer, a respected profession that would earn him good money. He pursued a degree in computer science engineering in 2017. Within two years into the course, he knew engineering was not for him but he persevered and finished the course.

He had realized that the engineering field did not align with his desire to contribute to society and build a meaningful career. During the COVID-19 pandemic, while staying home and wanting to explore more, he stumbled upon the stock market. The stock market is a fickle industry at best but like everything in his life, Daksh Jain gave it his all and started investing with his limited knowledge.

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Daksh Jain was excited about his prospects and decided to learn more about stock trading. The information available online is vast but he devoured everything he could read and learn and as soon as the lockdown was lifted, he started taking offline classes. He was a quick learner who focused on building his trading strategies and continually improving his knowledge. With dedication and hard work, he became a profitable trader. An engineering degree would have earned him a good salary but with his knowledge and experience in the stock market, he started earning a six-figure monthly income.

Daksh’s journey in finance was not limited to just trading; he also took it upon himself to educate and mentor others in the stock market. He noticed that the majority of Indians were not well-versed in financial markets, with less than 5% of the population investing in the stock market and those who invested would go off on tips and rumours that were usually not profitable. This sparked his vision of educating the younger generation in India about the world of finance and investing.

To further his knowledge and skills, Daksh appeared for the NISM Level 1 certification in Research Analysis and currently, he is planning to take courses from NSE India to continue learning. He is committed to making a difference in the financial literacy of India and believes that finance is a never-ending field with endless opportunities for growth and development.

Daksh’s journey is a testament to the importance of pursuing one’s passion and never giving up on learning. Despite facing challenges and choosing the wrong career path at first, he followed his heart and found success in the world of finance. He hopes to inspire others to take the leap and discover their own path in life.

Website: www.thedakshjain.com