Once more ‘The Bean Grill’ artists deliver spectacular performances at Zo world.

The August edition of ‘ The Bean Grill open mic’, which was conducted by Ayesha F Muskaan at Avante grade and phenomenal ‘Zo house’ ( happening club house in Bangalore), once more helped us to witness promising artists deliver magnificent performances.

The show began with Ayesha F Muskaan’s poetry recitation, wherein she addressed social issues with the idea of naturalism in her poetry. The show proceeded with Madhyastha’s Kannada chic comedy and beguiling singing by Anish. 

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Poets like Tanay, Henry, Mohona narrated poetry on social issues too, nonetheless, each one was unique and spectacular in their own way. 

Aditya, Faisal and Suman narrated Hindi Romantic Shayari, which deeply touched everyone’s heart. 

Saif and Maneesh performed Hindi comedy. The subjects they chose for were relatable to daily life. 

Hanish performed karaoke, which resulted in winning hearts of the audience. and Satyam brought tears to people’s eyes too, as he spoke about his farewell and played the guitar. Finally, Anish once more rocked the stage, as he sang the fabulous song ‘Sanyan’, which gave everyone goosebumps. 

For sure a fantabulous afternoon to remember at the unprecedented and astounding Zo house.