Onkar Dhanoa’s New Hit ‘Rooh’ Set to win hearts on February 21st

Onkar Dhanoa from Kharar in Mohali, Punjab, is now a rising artist in the music scene! He’s shifted from being a business expert to making waves in music, sharing his gifts in singing, songwriting, and music production. His knack for business is helping him get his music out to more people.

He has a big love for music and an eye for what’s trending. His songs “Another World” and “One Day” have received a lot of attention on YouTube, proving that people really enjoy his work.

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His newest release, “Rooh,” set to come out on February 21, explores the theme of true love. The video for the song captures the stunning beauty of Bali, showcasing Dhanoa’s captivating presence and the picturesque landscapes.

Behind Dhanoa is a strong team, including music director Kulshan Sandhu and mix master Dense, helping his music touch the hearts of listeners. His path illustrates that with dedication and skill, it’s possible to switch careers and succeed.

This story serves as a beacon of inspiration for young entrepreneurs and artists in Punjab and beyond, demonstrating the value of pursuing one’s passion. Dhanoa smartly leverages digital platforms for marketing, with Hype Digital and CINPRO95 playing key roles in his online presence and design efforts.

More than just a personal success story, Dhanoa’s rise reflects the entrepreneurial and musical spirit of Punjab. As he continues to drop new tracks, his fans look forward to more of his distinctive sounds and emotional lyrics.

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