Organiko, A Boon to Donkey Community.

In India, a donkey is an animal that is considered a liability instead of an asset. Here people often use donkeys to describe persons who are unproductive and witless. Organiko is making soaps with donkey milk that can help rejuvenate the skin of people. They even include the essence of Egyptian oils that can add texture to people’s skin with good fragrance along with ayurvedic properties.

Donkey milk has Vitamin C which is the best exfoliator and can make your skin glow. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce skin irritation. The lactic acid present in it can help in shedding old cells. It can fade scars and discoloration, making the skin even-toned.

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The fatty acids present in this golden milk can help in healing and reducing all signs of aging. You will get a better texture and appearance because of Vitamin E and retinol that are hidden in it. Retinol helps in reducing wrinkles, curing acne, and can fade age spots.

According to the livestock census of 2019, there are 1.12 lakh donkeys in India. No one in India knows donkey milk uses which made the donkeys suffer along with their owners. Buying soaps that are made from donkey milk can provide their owners with a better alternative livelihood. This can in turn help in increasing the reducing population of donkeys in India.

Pooja Kaul, the founder of Organiko, was pursuing her master’s in Tata Institute of Social Science a few years back. She was writing a thesis on Diary products as part of her project. She noticed that the donkey owners thought that their donkeys are a liability. She approached the donkey owners to make them understand the importance of their own untapped donkey’s milk.

In 2018, Pooja did a pilot project on donkey milk with 15 donkey owners from Solapur’s Lashkar community. She launched a beauty line based on donkey milk in 2019. Once this beauty brand received an immensely positive reaction, Pooja decided to continue her passion for commercializing Donkey’s milk by launching more mixtures of beauty soaps via Organiko. After this, the donkey’s owners who used to earn hardly 7000 rupees per month are now earning more than 15000 rupees every month.

For Egyptians, donkey milk is a common ingredient in skincare. Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt is known as the goddess of beauty. The main secret of her beauty and youth is that she used to take bath daily with donkey milk. According to history, donkey milk helped Cleopatra in reducing her wrinkles and made her skin glow for ages.

Pooja thought that it is important that the donkey owners have to understand the significance of the product they are delivering to society. What makes Organiko unique is that they are trying to bring a structure to the donkey milk industry along with the beauty industry as Donkey milk is not less than Cow or Buffalo milk in any manner. With the exposure of all the key benefits of donkey milk, Pooja is trying to encourage thousands of donkey owners to come forward and form a huge market that can benefit both the owners and the beauty industry.

Organiko also encouraged and started involving the women from those donkey communities and gave them the skill training necessary to make skincare products. Once people came to know the main agenda of their organization, many youngsters showed interest and started seeing donkeys as an asset instead of an animal of pity.

Organiko launched The Donkey Milk Natural Ingredient Soap and The Donkey milk Charcoal and Honey Soap first. With the benefits and results those soaps got, they increased their production using a variety of ingredients like Aloe Vera, Licorice, Hibiscus, and essential oils like tea tree oil and cinnamon oil.

Pooja launched products made out of Donkey milk for the first time in India in 2018. Organiko is mainly based on 10000 plus happy Indian customers. They deliver soaps to customers from Nepal, Bangladesh, UAE as well. They are currently seeking opportunities in countries like Australia and US. You can find their products on their own e-commerce platform or Amazon and Flipkart.

Organiko is trying to commercialize the selling of donkey milk and improve the lives of those who take care of donkeys along the way. They are proceeding towards industrializing Donkey milk which is way more useful and beneficial than cow’s milk in skincare, Organiko believes in their motto “beauty that can change lives”. Each rupee they earn will improve the life of a donkey family which in turn can feed the donkey more.

To know more about this golden revolution and be a part of this life-changing experience you can visit their website, and you can connect with Pooja using her LinkedIn and Instagram accounts.