Oye Express Delivers from India to China and Vice-Versa

Oye Express is an inter-country, cross border shipping company that is top of the premier shipping company that has achieved various benchmarks in the industry and continuous to strive. Sending articles to our loved ones and vice-versa or sending logistics that are fragile it is very important to have a reliable shipping company.

Kailesh Kapadia is the founder of Oye Express, he started the venture with the aim to provide cross border shipping and logistics services within the legal premises and parameters of the Indian Penal Law. The venture kickstarted at China in the 2005, it was primarily to survey the market but sooner it turned out to be something huge and successful. Kailesh is a self-made man who has come to the stage where he is today only due to his determination and success.

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He started in the industry as shipping clerk and then Agency Manager. It was during those days that he learned about how shipping in India and across the globe works. What are all the prerequisites and he soon mastered it all and was representing container lines as India head. Gaining all the years of experience that he could (which now stands at 33 years) and covering up all the knowledge he finally decided to start something of his own and that was when Oye Express was launched.

During his role has agency manager and shipping clerk he realized that there were a lot of flaws and there were a lot of things that were loose in the sector and are yet to be worked out, he decided to work on these things with his own firm and knowledge that he had gathered over the period of time. He says, “There were things that bothered people, specifically when it was legal hurdles from one particular country or etc., we decided provide this assistance and ship their product to China and vice-versa.”

Since all these years, Oye Express has built a huge base of consumers across the globe and be it personal or business shipment they make sure it is in the safe and do not suffer any breakage. He and his wonderful team who always assist you with the right plan and what suits for your logistics. But when he kickstarted it was with minimal knowledge and there were no mentors, no prior experience and no support. He recalls, “There was no google to take guidance or assistance from, it was all from experience that I learnt from.” Learning from mistakes, failing and rising are the key pillars to the success of Kailesh.

As soon as he started his journey overcoming all the hurdles, he tasted the flavor of success and since then he has never looked back. Doing cross-border shipping Oye Express has been helping new startups and established business, both. Though, for early startups they have different schemes, plans, vouchers and discounts. Be it importing or exporting Oye Express has got your back.

Oye Express logistic experts are very sure about the import duty on your goods like furniture or lights and machineries when we import to India and make sure the paper work is clear so that the goods can be delivered earliest at your doorstep. Clearing and sorting all the legalities, formalities with on-time delivery through Oye Express. Oye Express is customer centric firm that works for the customer satisfaction and making sure they do so by providing premium quality and customer dedicated services.

Kailesh in a response to question where he was asked if he had any success mantra to share with youngsters, he said, “Technology holds a lot of potential in current times and same is the case with eCommerce. If you’re able to provide smooth customer service and solution to your consumers you will succeed.” This is the same principal that he follows for his business; where he provides benchmarks service and products that satisfies him and motivates him to work harder.

China is one of the biggest markets and with the boom in the eCommerce the delivery partners also saw a rapid growth. Oye Express also encountered this and the growth of delivery partners made the doorstep delivery possible. He is now helping young budding entrepreneurs, as he is on mission to help more and more entrepreneurs getting successful.

For his works, he has been received top 10 Indian CEO of the Year in China 2022 Award and Winner of Start Up Competition for Idea on Cross Border eCommerce. As a part of their expansion policy they hope to adopt newer technologies and replicate it in more countries as e commerce is rapidly expanding year on year.

To know more about Oye Express; visit: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oye-express-647242165