Oye Makhna Review: ‘Family Comes First’, Rom-Com Movie ‘Oye Makhna’ Gives Beautiful Message

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The fantastic romantic comedies produced by the Punjabi film industry have long been praised, and “Oye Makhna” is a prime example of this. However, the emotional component of this movie distinguishes it from other Punjabi rom-coms and gives it a little extra flair.We shall discuss each of these accounts individually, beginning with the relationship between Shinda Guggu Gill and Makhan ( Ammy Virk). In the “Qismat” series, Ammy is often shown to be terrified of Guggu Gill because he never accepts their relationship. Guggu, however, is firmly on the side of “Team Ammy” in “Oye Makhna.” Their closeness overshadows practically everything else in the movie, and their new relationship just makes you smile every time.While Guggu Gill’s comic timing and mischievousness tickle your funny bone on the one hand, his compassion for every innocent soul causes you to sob uncontrollably on the other. Similar to how Ammy Virk initially captures hearts with his charm and humour, subsequent scenes show him slapping himself as a form of self-punishment for hurting his uncle, and that’s when your eyes start to tear up once more. The main highlight of the movie is their performances, both individually and collectively.Let’s talk about Tania’s portrayal of Rimple, the movie’s female lead, while we’re still on the subject of acting. The fifth film Tania and Ammy have appeared together is this one. In the previous four movies, Tania was either shown as a very gentle, domestic girl or as a young woman who would do anything to catch Ammy’s eye. But this time, things are different. Tania doesn’t seem to care about Ammy’s efforts in this movie. She is portraying a stunning, independent woman who prioritises her job above all else. She is capable of handling herself and is both practical and emotional. In essence, she is a fantastic example of a powerful modern woman rather than your typical damsel in distress.In addition to these three lead performers, Tarsem Paul, Sukhwinder Chahal, Sidhika Sharma, Deedar Gill, and many others play significant roles in the movie. Each actor faithfully portrayed their role and made care to keep the audience seated in their seats. Every single actor and character in the film had something unique to add to the narrative; not a single one appeared forced into the script.When it comes to the plot and directing, Simerjit Singh is skilled at maintaining a balance between humour and seriousness. While the idea behind the movie is beautiful in and of itself, the conversation that the script is supported by is simply outstanding. Sincerity be told, there are a few humorous and emotional dialogues in the movie that will stick with you long after it has ended.Overall, nevertheless, the film is a total entertainer with a fantastic storyline, proper execution, jaw-dropping performances, and not to mention moving music.

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