Paapos- The Emerging Courier Delivery Marque!

“Be it your favourite food, or a SIM card, urgent medicines, groceries, and whatnot, you order it, we deliver it same-day”, Paapos

Paapos’ sole aim focuses on smooth delivery for all. Our courier service functions on the pillars of merchants, partners, and users. Paapos operates in a synergetic way where all these three pillars function accordingly.

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Who are We?

Paapos is one of the leading delivery facilitators in the entire Delhi-NCR region to facilitate same-day delivery for its clients. Paapos is ceaselessly evolving as a courier giant on the pan India map.

How did it all Start?

Founded by Abhishek Khurana and Shubhranshu Ahuja, Paapos was born in June 2018. The initial impetus came from one of the promotional logistic campaigns done for the leading Indian brand Britannia. In 2016, Khurana and Ahuja laid the stones of their first Start-up Mobikonnect and made a foray into the world of mobile marketing. It was all about advertising via mobile devices.

In 2018, this mobile marketing label had to deliver gold coins same day, as brand gratification, to the winners for a campaign of Britannia. At that time no such logistic option existed which could have brought off the same-day delivery of expensive goods. Though, there were a few options available but were not reliable. Their modus operandi was on a freelancer model. 

Posed with the safety and security of expensive valuables, Abhishek & Shubhranshu hired its riders and closed the campaign successfully and thus, how Paapos took shape with the idea of ‘same-day delivery’.

Paapos- The initial Journey

At the onset, Paapos focused on B2B clients only. As they had worked primarily with big brands regarding gifting and routine deliveries, the first problem identification was with the major brands only. Those were the pre-Amazon times when Amazon was yet to launch the next-day delivery in India.

Initial Challenges Faced

Starting seems to be an easy piece of cake, but to keep treading ahead is always the hardest one. Paapos started approaching the brands to educate them on same-day delivery and how it can lend their businesses the much-needed edge. Haplessly, the market then was not mature enough to understand the same.

However, Paapos did not give up, and with time, the market matured. Additionally, the delivery platform decided to enter the B2C space too.

Making it Easy through Technology

As Paapos was unfurling in the market, it was time to launch the mobile application and make it accessible to a wide range of customers. The website was also revamped to make it B2C friendly. To make things easier for customers who are not tech-savvy, Paapos came up with the fortified WhatsApp chatbot service, one can place their orders on-call or on WhatsApp. With time people started opting for time-focused delivery and, as this brand was one of the early entrants and had the entire framework already made, it became a little easier to fit in.

Tech Point of View

When it comes to pan India couriers via aggregation network, Paapos is the single-stop solution for all kinds of logistics having multiple courier partners. It is the only brand offering same-day delivery and pan India shipping on a single platform.

Paapos works on a direct integrated API- where a brand operating on its website can get directly connected with the platform, and then the entire procedure is automated. It also has an option of bulk upload that caters to players who have large order volumes but are not into technology. These are the players who majorly sell on Instagram and WhatsApp. With Paapos, they can upload the entire database, and with a single click, all the orders can be processed smoothly.

Paapos for Delicate Deliveries

Paapos is into delicate deliveries also. Earlier, the bakeries were only limited to their geographies for deliveries, but Paapos made the bakeries exceed their geographical limitations in terms of delivering cakes. It did successful cake deliveries with small bakeries, home bakers, and with brands like Theobroma for their Delhi-NCR deliveries. It is one of the leading brands to deliver fresh cakes delicately.

Concluding Lines

Currently, Paapos is one of the reliable courier facilitators in Pan India, which also specializes in same-day delivery service for Delhi-NCR. As of now, Through Paapos’ Sameday delivery service you can ask to deliver everything from a tiny pin to a big gadget.

For instance, if you forget your laptop charger at home while leaving for the office, you can call Paapos to get your charger delivered to your office within just 4 hours. Yes, it’s that convenient and smart.

As far as Courier Services are concerned, It is a means of solution to SMEs to compete with giants like Amazon and Flipkart with fast deliveries to their clients at a stipulated timeline.