Padmaja Bharti – The Indian lady with a lot of talents!

Padmaja Bharti is a fashion designer turned bestselling author, artist, blogger and verified musical artist.

Life has lots of metaphors—some with the graced beauty and some with the disgraced face. Padmaja Bharti’s story is not different from others. She had all embraced with patience but was always curious about what is next, either its beauty or ugly phase of life. 

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Literary Journey of Padmaja Bharti 

Padmaja rose to fame in the literary field with her debut book Rhime of Time. Currently, with three books under her belt, she is working on her fourth. Padmaja has been featured and appreciated by several national and international media for her excellent work.

Padmaja Bharti - The Indian lady with a lot of talents!
Books by Padmaja Bharti

Padmaja Bharti’s List of Books:

  • Rhime of Time
  • Wondering of Indian International Ethics
  • Ethical Economics from History to The Modern World
  • Kashyapm (To be released)

Rhime of Time and Wondering of Indian International Ethics by Padmaja Bharti have trended in the bestseller list in India. All her books are available online in paperback and Kindle format in Amazon, Flipkart and other major platforms. Her books will soon also be available at leading book stores like Crossword, Landmark, etc. Readers, reviewers, and media have given the best of the best reviews for both these books.

The book RHIME OF TIME is a compilation of poems written by Padmaja Bharti. In this book, she has written a few poems, where she has described herself in some complex and simple words. Most of the poems are about her black and white memories and few are on generic topics. In this book, the reader will see her describing a relationship between mother nature and human nature in a poetic way.

Now in the present day peace is very important for our next and current generation. How does diplomacy work with ethical value? Overall globally we need ethics in every aspect of life and work. It works as knowledge with morality. WONDERING OF INDIAN INTERNATIONAL ETHICS is based on this concept.

ETHICAL ECONOMICS FROM HISTORY TO THE MODERN WORLD is based on the fact that the market and the mind are not sellable. The future is for sale, because we all live in a futuristic world (for e.g., share market, child future, gold recovery, green-collar jobs, society welfare, petroleum, natural resources, competitive market, etc. all these revolve around the future of making money and a better life). But presently, our future depends on duty, rule-based ethics and character-based ethics. So, post COVID-19, India’s future will be divided into two parts: investment which depends on rule-based ethics and character-based ethics which comes under brand creation, gold value and market potential.

Padmaja is working on her upcoming book that will be titled KASHYAPM. It is a unique book written in Sanskrit, with Telugu translations. Padmaja is working really hard on it and it will be published by Blue Rose Publishers.

Padmaja Bharti - The Indian lady with a lot of talents!
Kashyapm is the fourth and upcoming book of Padmaja Bharti

Some Artworks by Padmaja Bharti 

Padmaja Bharti - The Indian lady with a lot of talents!

Fertility; women who have all the power divine never stop their emotions for giving birth to another living being, they all believe in love.

Padmaja Bharti - The Indian lady with a lot of talents!

Self-portrait; self-esteem with a mysterious expression, never been to one state of mind.

Apart from writing and being a popular emerging artist, Padmaja is a fashion designer too who had graduated from NIFT, Kolkata. She is a popular blogger and has over 75k followers on Instagram. She has shared several videos, pictures, and Reels on Instagram and her content is loved by one and all. She even has a good fan following and fan pages on social media.

Check out her Instagram Profile:

Padmaja Bharti is also a verified musical artist who has an artist profile on all major platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, Gaana, YouTube Music, Boomplay, iTunes, Wynk Music Instagram music, Facebook music MxPlayer etc. Her song titled Number One Bullshit Man in collaboration with Author Abhishek Kapoor has trended on Instagram with several creators from various parts of the world using it for their content.

“When I was a young girl, I used to question a lot with revolutionary thoughts. I was a bit of an angry bird and later became a lady with a heart. I used to ask several questions in all my phases of life and through my thoughts. My will was always vital to create a new level of thinking. My will-power has made me a writer so far. My interest areas were to study a new horizon with infinite thoughts. Meeting with success is like a pursuit of happiness. For the part of the time, glory will define, but my view of success is not glory, but it’s a journey to define,” says Padmaja.