Parameshwar Hivrale, Actor turned to director

The life of gummadi narsaiah who was  elected 5 times as MLA from yellandu  inspired a young director Parameshwar Hivrale , who thought it is a tale worth preserving on celluloid and decided to direct a biopic on leftwing leader.

Parameshwar Hivrale who acted as hero in  several Telugu movies such as Chiru godavalu ,Jathiya Rahadari,   Lavanya with love boys, Aakasha Deshana, Daari, and Kumar 18 + planned Pan Indian film titled gummadi Narsaiah. 

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He is all set to make his directorial debut with gummadi narsaiah Biopic.

Parameshwar Hivrale, Actor turned to director

Speaking to hindustanmetro the director parameshwar said “I was surprised and impressed after hearing the life of Narsaiah who took politics as social responsibility”

Young director parameshwar Hivrale said I used to read history books to know the past glory of India. there are occasions I was shocked over noticing the bad things in politics”  

 Parameshwar Hivrale added that there were various angles in the life of Narsaiah and one can get inspired by it.