Pawan Kumar – Passionate Singer, performer, and the man behind THF Creators Hub Pvt Ltd.

Pawan Kumar, better known by his stage name Pawan MB, is a singer, entrepreneur, and the founder of THF creators Hub Pvt Ltd. With a passion for singing, he realised his dream of becoming a singer and establishing a singing empire. Yes, he had a big ambition that he aspired to accomplish!

Singing, for Pawan, offers him hope and allows him to dream while expressing a wide spectrum of emotions such as wrath, pain, love, happiness, and lunacy. Every song, he says, is created by someone who has lived life in all of its forms. Without question, singing is an art and a gift that requires the ability to strike the appropriate note at the right time while portraying the emotions included in each word and phrase of the lyrics. THF creators Hub Pvt Ltd was born out of this daring and confidence by Pawan MB together with his business partners Manish Rastogi and Rahul Sharma. 

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Delhi is where Pawan was born and raised. Pawan’s path hasn’t always been easy or uncomplicated. He began his entrepreneurial experience in 2011 with an insurance selling Agency, which he continued to operate until 2017. However, he has always had a passion for music and has dreamed of becoming a singer since he was in elementary school. Needless to say, music has the power to touch lives, heal broken spirits, inspire, provide hope, and express oneself. Pawan has returned to his music following the closing of his insurance selling agency. THF Creators Hub Pvt Ltd was formed with the goal of providing YouTube and Facebook channel management services to diverse artists. He successfully onboarded and has been working with 22 YouTube channels and 5 Facebook channels to produce a variety of entertainment-related content. In 2019 THF creators Hub Pvt Ltd had coined a music Lable in the name of THF Music and launched its first song, ‘Miss World’, in the year 2020.

In the words of Pawan, “Singing has always been a passion of mine, and when I sing, I feel at ease. I am confident that by singing, I can overcome barriers and communicate without the use of language. Because singing is life, it has also given me a special sensitivity to what happens in my surroundings.”

Undoubtedly, the key to being an awesome entrepreneur is more than having just a will of steel, and passion is that fuel that makes the entrepreneurs to keep going. Building a business that stemmed from his passion has helped Pawan in many ways that triggered him to found THF Creators Hub Pvt Ltd. Despite paving the path in a new niche, leading with his passion has enabled him to establish his vision, mission, content, mindset and energy, which has attracted clients and partners that best relate to him. Passion allows Pawan to confidently explain what he does and why it is needed, and it helps him in the times when he is feeling the most stuck.

Pawan is still studying music and is completely devoted to it. From 2019 he started working on a song named miss world and released it in 2020. He’s currently working on two more projects that will be released in April and July. Miss World was his first song, and it has 1.7 million views on YouTube. In addition to YouTube, the song is accessible on Gaana, Saavn, Wynk Music, and OkListen. 

Pawan’s road to discovering his passion for music was never simple, and he had to fight hard for it. To establish his impact in the sphere of music, he even did Jagran and chorus. Eventually, he had to leave music owing to a financial crisis, so he pursued entrepreneurship in the insurance industry.

Pawan concludes by saying, “Being an entrepreneur is tremendously difficult, especially in the first several years. There are a lot of highs and a lot of lows. There will be times when you wonder why you are on this path and if it will ever become what you want. This is where your enthusiasm comes into play. You can always tap into your passion for branding, storytelling, and everything else that represents you and your company. The proper people will want to learn from your work because you are passionate about it. It’s what makes you intriguing, relatable, and lovable.”

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