Pelorus Technologies launches its Intelligence & Digital Forensics Excellence Center.

Pelorus Technologies has recently announced the opening of its “Intelligence & Digital Forensics Excellence Center”. The Excellence Center will showcase the latest products and solutions in the intelligence and Digital Forensics domain, including use cases for solving crime and gathering intelligence tailored to different Law Enforcement Agencies.

The Excellence Center has a gamut of solutions to address specific intelligence gathering and digital forensics challenges faced by Law Enforcement Agencies, including the latest breakthroughs in big data analytics, CDR & IPDR Analysis, mobile device forensics, computer & disk forensics, image & video forensics, damaged drive forensics, password recovery, and WhatsApp & Telegram monitoring tools among many others.

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Mr. Rahul Dwivedi, CEO of Pelorus Technologies, said, “The Excellence Center is committed to all our hard-working Law Enforcement Agencies and is a sincere continuation of the company’s vision. Working with more than 40+ law enforcement agencies across India, we have found that some technical deficiencies and the cost of overcoming them are sometimes obstacles to justice. Therefore, there should be an opportunity for our agencies to see the best and latest technologies to solve tomorrow’s problems. We have the world’s best tools from partners like ADF Solutions, Atola Technology, Belkasoft, Cellebrite, MCMS, MSAB, and many others. Our motto has always been Nation First.”

Pelorus Technologies also runs a ‘Digital Forensics Technical Support Campaign’, every January and August to assist LEAs with technical support, maintenance, troubleshooting, and refresher training.  A dedicated team of analysts shall work with end-users for demonstrations, use cases, and periodic updates on the latest technologies and solutions available in the market so that the end-users can stay a step ahead of the adversaries, criminals, and terrorists.

About Pelorus Technologies: Pelorus Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company and provides digital forensics, intelligence, security, and surveillance-related products, solutions, and services to government and law enforcement agencies within India and across the globe. With an in-house software development team and an in-house embedded systems and microcontrollers team, the firm is allowing them to customize software and hardware solutions at the chipset level to meet their customer requirements.