Phone Panchayat – Artificial Intelligence Technology to rural India

Phone-Panchayat is a hyperlocal content app for semiurban and rural India.

Phone Panchayat launched a tailor-made solution for users to enable authentic social information on their mobile device.

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Citizens connect with local news, government offices and skills workers through Phone Panchayat’s android application. 

Local government offices like the local Police, Water department and electricity department are using phone panchayats to reach out to citizens with their announcements.

Phone Panchayat has become quickly popular in semi-urban and rural areas.

“Phone Panchayat has brough state of art technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to Indian users. It’s AI system enables faster delivery to users about happenings around them and it’s fact check algorithms make sure of the authenticity of all local news”, claims founder of Phone Panchayat. 

Phone panchayat app is not only providing local news information but people can directly interact with their representatives like sarpanch and ward-members for their local issues directly through app. According to current statistics of phone panchayat, hundreds peoples are calling to their local representatives and getting solutions as well.

Phone panchayat is helping rural area and their peoples to know about Narega Job Card and Pradhan Mantri Avas Yojna details in the app.

Phone Panchayat app is helping people to get jobs as well, people can register them as painter, electrician, carpenter, plumber, real estate, electronics Mechanic, automobile Mechanic etc. Now people no need to go anywhere to ask number of any mechanic, they can directly call to their nearest mechanic using phone panchayat app.

Mansingh Gujar, resident of a small town in Rajasthan said “Last year during the first wave of covid, we had riots in our town. It was all rumours till the next day the newspaper came. Now I get to know about any news and happenings in the market in less than 20 mins on my mobile”.

Ramesh Meena, second time Sarpanch of Gram panchayat(village-governing body) ‘Gandal’ told “It has become very easy to reach to villagers. I answer villager’s all concerns related to our gram panchayat report card. With a few clicks on Phone panchayat, I am able to know the impact of different development works on villagers.”

Radheshyam bairwa, a construction craftsman said “I am getting 50% more work since I reach out through Phone panchayat. My clients are giving good recommendations about my work.”

One of the customers of Radheyshyam bairwa, Piyush sharma praised him and told Phone Panchayat helped him to know that such a good craftsman lived very near to his area. 

Presently phone panchayat app is launched in Rajasthan only and it’s going to launch in other states of INDIA soon.

Phone Panchayat strengthens hyperlocal communities by enabling its mostly non-English users to share, interact and transact in their regional language. Phone Panchayat users gain access to hyperlocal information. More than thousands of people from rural areas of Rajasthan are using this app not only for news but they are able to generate business as well.

To get started with Phone Panchayat, download the android application from play store.