Poonchola Technologies – An Academy to excel new skills and knowledge for Jobs

Poonchola Technologies is one of the best training institutes in Kerala that was coined by Mr. Sandeep PS with an aim to offer highly adaptive and effective courses for the students to develop their skills and knowledge and help them advance in their career for jobs and internships.

Development in skills and knowledge is an important tool that empowers people and safeguards their future for the overall development of an individual and their career. It is a driving force that helps people develop and update their skills to improve their standard of living. With the mission of preparing the students with competencies and equips students with the advancement of skills for success in the sphere of their interest in the emerging creative economy with the plethora of courses in technical and digital form so that they can acquire a better position in reputed organizations elevate higher and shine their careers in the sphere of digital marketing, Multimedia, software and accounting Mr. Sandeep PS founded Poonchola Technologies Pvt Ltd.

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Poonchola Technologies provides a plethora of courses that includes:

1. Software – It provides job oriented certified software training in Android, Java, PHP and python from the professional experts who are an expertise with rich experience in the specific field.

2. Digital Marketing – The courses under Digital Marketing are designed to make one an expert by enriching knowledge about emerging digital technologies with an acceleration in the career with promising growth and salary. It helps one become skillful in managing all the marketing campaigns to promote a company and its products and enhance brand awareness into the digital space to drive traffic and acquire leads/ customers.

3. Accounting – The advanced accounting courses aims at providing practical training on accounting that impact on everyday accounting work so that the students understands every angle of a business and develop the skills that is needed for a career as an accountant and help them meet the current demands of the job sector.

4. Multimedia – This course is for those enthusiastic people who want to consider multimedia creation as their career option and enjoy the activities around designing and creating using various multimedia tools.

“Comprehensive and high quality education is mandatory for a dynamic and progressive society”, said

Mr. Sandeep P.S, Founder and Director of Poonchola Technologies Pvt. Ltd, an Ed-Tech company in


Why choose Poonchola technologies?

The highly qualified and experienced faculty at Poonchola technologies leaves no stone unturned to impart progress into the students. The outstanding educators and subject matter experts  strives hard to deliver and polish the skills and knowledge of the specific subjects in such a way that it contributes towards the overall professional growth of the students that ends up benefitting in acquiring leading positions around the globe. The encouragement of each faculty member inspires the students to put in their best to reach greater heights in their respective field. The academy provides the flexibility to the students to set their own learning pace and a schedule that fits everyone’s agenda. The students are also provided with course completion certificates once they are done with the entire course completion.

About Mr. Sandeep PS

Mr. Sandeep completed his Bachelors in Technology in Computer Science Engineering from SASTRA University in 2007 and his Master’s degree in Data Analytics, Ethical hacking, robotics, Digital marketing at the Indian Council for Technical Research and Development. Mr. Sandeep is a qualified software developer and has worked in the several companies for over a decade. Later he left the job and shifted his base back to Kozhikode and started working as a software tutor in several IT Educational Institutes in Kozhikode which happened to be a turning point of his life.

Mr. Sandeep shares a story behind the formation of Poonchola Technologies “I have observed that the fees charged by the Educational Institutions were hefty which was beyond the affordability of a middle class family and this had clicked me to bring about a change in the field of Education where education will not be sold but will be given to the one who are passionate about learning and at a nominal cost. The journey to forge ahead with this vision was never straightforward for me as I had to come across several struggles and criticisms. But I remained intact, being determined and adamant I have carved out a niche and eventually with the support of my family and friends came into being Poonchola Technologies Pvt Ltd”

Build your confidence and strive in your career with the personalized advanced training courses of Poonchola Technologies and prepare yourself for the career as per your choice and reach your goal by discovering tools. Enroll Now!

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