Popular Multicolor Artist Mekha Pradeep stuns the industry with her latest music release Legendary of Arts

One of the great moderns of Indian art,Mekha Pradeep now stayed relatively closer to the Indian society.

The name of Mekha Pradeep spite of her luminous presence in the pantheon of modern Indian art. Mekha Pradeep is an Indian Multicolor Artist best known for combining traditional Indian and Western art styles to create unique and complex works.The artist garnered impressive success throughout her career, ultimately receiving many national award and International Awards.

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For Mekha Pradeep,Art has been a means of inquiry as well as a tool for expressing personal and collective ideas. As one of India’s most notable artists, her works span,drawings, sculpture and paintings that largely dwell on the fluidity of borders and the futility in drawing boundaries when nature itself is boundless.

Mekha had also done her first musical release “THE LEGENDARY OF ARTS” on Nov 2021.Thats creates a huge fan base and its a world wide release. Since then, she is concentrating on both the artworks and music together.She got many offers from world-wide to take part in Art Exhibitions and Award functions.She run weekly,monthly based art classes that created huge affection within the people’s worldwide.Now she is become one of “The Most Busiest Entrepreneur cum Multicolor Artist Of India”.

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Facebook :- https://www.facebook.com/Mekha-Pradeep-111013071290904/

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Spotify :- Legendary of arts

Twitter :- https://twitter.com/Mekha_Pradeep_

IMDb :- https://m.imdb.com/name/nm13139122/?ref_=m_ttfcd_cr1


Amazon Music :- https://music.amazon.com/albums/B09LRDVT95

YouTube Music :-https://music.youtube.com/watch

Wynk Music :-https://wynk.in/u/dHBLHGeX8

Mx Player :- https://www.mxplayer.in/audio/song/39310102?seokey=legendary-of-art

Blog/website :- https://myjune.live/

Gaana :- https://gaana.com/song/legendary-of-arts

Boomplay :- https://www.boomplay.com/songs/75351594?srModel=COPYLINK&srList=WEB